God Gives the Increase!

This was the first time that all of us South Asia Calvary Chapel pastors and leaders came together for a conference. Praise God! It was really a wonderful time sitting together and pondering in the Word–getting closer to Jesus. God is growing us in Asia. It is great to see the saints being trained and equipped for new ministry.

Pastors’ Conference and Graduation 

Pastors Conference: not only were there Calvary Chapel pastors, but we also invited pastors from the four corners of our country. They really appreciated the teaching. They are falling in love with the verse by verse Bible study.

Graduation: We had a wonderful experience of graduating students from two countries. I pray that God will use all of them for His work. 

Brother Rabindra from Charis Bible Church also graduated this year. We are thankful to God and pray that God would use him more than before!

Meeting our dear ones at the Leper Colony and distributing daily need items

Whenever we meet our brothers and sisters in the Lord at the Leper Colony they are always happy and cheerful. We were able to distribute some of their daily needs. More importantly, we had a fun time singing and dancing with them in the Lord.

House fellowship– We had brother R* from a nearby country for the conference and he stayed a couple more days. I had an opportunity to take him to one of our house fellowships. Our believers there were really happy to hear brother R.* sharing from the Word.


Prakash & Muna and Eutychus

*Names and faces have been omitted for security reasons.