Go to a Place Where No One Has Taken the Gospel – Pastor 11 Update June 2024

Dear Pastors, Leaders, Partners, and Church Family,

Greetings from our church! I thank God that He has taken care of me, my family and my parents. Despite the extreme heat, God has not let me get any major illness.

A few weeks ago when my father went out of the house for a morning walk, four people, including a doctor, threatened him. They said that if my father does not return to his old religion and stop spreading the Gospel, they will kill him.

We prayed a lot. We considered informing the police many times, but they do not listen to Christians. The police also will not do anything without a bribe. For these reasons, we did not inform the police and only prayed. By the grace of God, my father is safe until now.

I keep thanking God for your love, prayers and participation in the Gospel. Through the grace of God and your prayers, the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ is reaching places we couldn’t have even imagined. God is strengthening those who are listening to His Word through His miracles and signs.

We Went to a Place Where the Good News Had Not Yet Reached. The Temperature Was 43 Degrees Celsius (109 Degrees Fahrenheit)!

I always thank God that He has sent me to serve in a place where there is less than 1% Christians. Despite having many pastors in the city, there are many villages where the Good News has not yet reached. We got an invitation to fellowship in such a village which is about 30 kilometers from our house. We got the opportunity to go to this village through a believer of our church.

When we went to that village, they welcomed us very nicely. We told the Good News to the people of that village. Three women believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Due to the extreme heat, we became very restless. The food that they had lovingly prepared for us had a lot of hot chili peppers in it. Because of the spicy food, the heat felt twice as intense as it did before we ate. But God gave us peace. We got comfort in the heart from the fact that by our coming, God saved three souls. I thank God for the love and hospitality of these people, who did more for us than they were able to.

Our Lord Jesus Freed a Girl from an Evil Spirit.

I thank God that He shows signs and miracles to strengthen His Word! We have been having a fellowship in the mango garden of a certain village for about 12 years. Last week, during the fellowship there, a young girl was brought who was possessed by an evil spirit. The evil spirits troubled her a lot. It would throw her anywhere and start shouting and saying things.

While I and my father were worshiping, the girl started shouting loudly. We prayed and at that time the devil threw her and came out of her. Since then this girl is completely fine! The people of her family have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and are coming to the village church.

The church in that village was started with a boy who I mentioned many times in my newsletter. He had very long nails and the skin of his hands and feet kept bleeding. I took him to many hospitals for treatment but there was nothing that the doctors could do for him. It was not possible to get him treated medically, but God healed him through prayer! Now, he has been baptized. His mother has also been baptized. She regularly comes to our church. We also go to their house once a week for fellowship. This boy’s name is S*. Before, he wanted to commit suicide because of his illness, but God healed him. Now he is completely fine! His family is looking for a girl for him to marry.

If You Believe, Your Family Will Be Saved!

This is a testimony of a person who was the first person in his family to believe. After his faith, gradually the whole family believed in Jesus. His name is U*. While I was in Bible College, he also came to Bible College with me for 6 months. After that, his father would not allow him to go back to Bible College again, but he did not give up his faith. He remained engrossed in learning the Word of God day and night.

To bring the people of his family to faith, he kept showing God’s love through prayer, sharing the Word and living a godly life. Initially, the people of his whole family were against him, but he showed God’s love to them through his life.

First of all, U* brought his wife to the Lord. After that, he brought his mother to the Lord. Whenever my father and I went to her house, his mother always used to scold us for converting her son. But he brought his mother to faith through love and sharing the Word.

After that U* went to the South in search of a job. He did not stop going to church. He lived with his elder brother who opposed it. Gradually he started taking his elder brother to church and his elder brother also believed and got baptized. His elder brother’s wife, who was a very quarrelsome woman, was very afraid of her husband believing in Jesus Christ. She used to scold U* a lot about getting her husband converted to Christianity. She was ready to fight every day, but U* would ignore her words. Whenever I and my father used to go to his house, we used to tell his sister-in-law about the Lord Jesus Christ. Whenever she came to church, she used to listen to the Gospel. Gradually she started come to know about the Lord Jesus Christ. Glory be to God! She also believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and got baptized last week. She is in the above photo.

Glory to the Lord!

  • Glory to God! He protects me and my family from all kinds of sorrows and troubles.
  • Glory to the Lord! The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ has reached a new village.
  • Glory to the Lord! Three women have accepted the Lord.
  • Glory to the Lord! A woman has been baptized.
  • Glory to the Lord! My wife has been cured of her thyroid problem.
  • Glory to God! He is providing all kinds of resources for His ministry.

Prayer Points:

  • Please pray for the safety of my father and me. There are many people who talk badly about us, saying that we have changed our religion and that will keep planning to convert people.
  • Please pray that we can reach more villages with the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Please pray for the youth that we want to be prepared to go to Bible college, so that in the coming days they also can participate in the Good News of the Lord.
  • Please pray for my mother. Her bones are very weak, because of which she has to take injections every day. Her thyroid levels also have increased about 18 points. May God help control her thyroid as well.
  • Please pray. My younger sister is getting married on May 16. May God fulfill all of our needs. It will be a Christian marriage. Pray that no Hindu fundamentalists oppose it.
  • Please pray for the registration of our church. There are some obstacles to registering. May God remove those obstacles.
  • Please pray for God to give us a child.

Thank you for your prayers, your love for Christ, and for your participation in the Gospel.

May God bless you all!

Pastor & Mrs. 11*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.