Gause Family Update

What a great month of March! Calvary Chapel Playas is continuing to grow numerically and spiritually. We were blessed to have Jeff and Bonnie Johnson come down from Santa Barbara to do a marriage conference.  How important it is for our marriages to be centered on Christ as well as His Word.  Thank you Jesus for unified marriages.
     Calvary Chapel Buhl, from Idaho, came for a week and were able to minister to people at the Tecate dump, to the less fortunate in Tijuana and to people in our church body as well.  Unfortunately, during their stay, tragedy struck. The group was on their way to do some construction projects at a home for a brother from the church.  His daughter, 23 years old, had passed away the night before. It was a terrible time of grief and mourning.  After a few days, Calvary Buhl was able to go up and pray for the family and minister to their physical needs as well.  Please keep this family in prayer, it has been incredibly difficult, but encouraging to see our brothers and sister gather around and support them.

     Our family is doing well.  Our oldest daughter, Jamie is about to graduate from High School. We are so proud of her. Our boys are doing well in basketball and school. Brian has started playing guitar on the worship team. Our youngest daughter loves hanging out with her friends and worshipping the Lord. What an incredible journey the last 5 years have been, and we feel like we are just getting started.
     Please pray for our building expansion and the acquisition of anther small room we want to make our children’s ministry room.  Also, we need to spend some serious cash and upgrade our air conditioning, so if you have any recommendations, let us know.  Pray for the marriages in the church, there are a lot of damaged marriages, and we need more people to step up and help out in that area.
Thanks so much for your spiritual and physical support, thank you Jesus for your faithfulness.
     Blessings from the Gause family serving Jesus in Mexico.