Finding Grace In These Uncertain Times -Pastor 15 Update May 2023

Thank the Lord for His grace to finish the second semester of our Bible Institute. This semester the students were taught 1&2 Samuel, Ezra & Nehemaih, Luke, Acts, Romans and 1&2 Corinthians. All the classes went smoothly.

We did not face any opposition from the Hindu fanatical groups that are very active in our area. There is so much persecution in our state. There is especially persecution around our town, but it has not been in our town. However, two weeks ago, a church service was attacked in a town that is just about a mile away from our church. These fanatical groups put women in the front. The women attack with wooden rods. 

Last month, one man was baptized in our church. This man’s parents became Christians about 13 years ago. They are members of our church. Before, this man had not accepted Jesus, but he started coming to church for the last two years with his parents. Slowly, he grew in his knowledge of the Lord and put his faith in Jesus. He got baptized last month. The Lord blessed him with a wife who is also a new believer from the same tribe. 

A new family has started coming to our Sunday fellowship. This family moved to our town recently, since the husband and wife both got jobs in our town. 

Even though we are not able to preach Gospel openly, the Lord gives us opportunities to do personal evangelism. We are renovating our house and we hired some people to do the work. We are thankful to the Lord that we are able to share the Gospel with them. 

Pastor 3* (our co-worker in Christ) has started building a place of worship by faith (right). lease pray that God provides for its completion.

We are doing well by God’s grace. Our daughter (left) is in England working as a registered nurse.

Thank you for being partners in the ministry of the Gospel through your prayers and financial support. We remember you in our prayers.

Co-workers in Christ,

A Wedding at Our Church

Pastor 15* Family

*Names and Faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.