Filled With Joy

This December was filled with the joy of reaching out to people to share the Gospel with them and reach them with love. I am really thankful to God for using us in different areas. The Christmas season is a good opportunity to meet new people and introduce them to Christ. 

Christmas Outreach

Celebrating Christmas Together With Action Songs

We got to do a Christmas Gospel program in our new building. We invited the local people who live around the area of the new building. We also arranged vehicles from the place where we minister and have church. We had the outreach in the new building because the government did not give us permission to do it outdoors. 

The Gospel meeting went really well. Everyone was really blessed that day and praised God. I taught on God’s indescribable gift- that we have received a gift that gives an unending relationship and life in Christ. It was encouraging for me also. I am really blessed to see people coming closer to Him and having a relationship that never ends. When I see people pouring out their heart before God and worshiping him, it is really amazing. I loved it. My wife and I and our team were really thankful for God’s provision to move forward in ministry and that we were able to gather all together and have an amazing time. 

Giving Blankets to the Homeless in the Middle of the Night

Blanket Distribution On the City Streets

The Blankets We Distributed

I praise God for using us to reach the people who are in need of blankets. This year has been exceptionally cold. When I drive at night, I see people who are suffering on the streets and people who are homeless. They do not have anything to cover them to protect them from the cold. Some of them cover with very little clothes. It is really sad to see them suffering in the cold. 
We have homes and enough blankets to cover us and protect us from the cold. But the people who live on the streets do not and are suffering. God put it in my heart to have compassion on them. I know it is the heart of God to go reach them and to tell them that He loves them and wants to have a relationship with them. So, I prayed and asked God for His provision to go reach them. And amazingly God provided!
We decided to go distribute the blankets in the middle of the night from 12am- 4am. We all went as a team and got to reach people who really needed the blankets. Many were old people who were left by their children on the streets. We were able to reach them and cover them with blankets. One man had wrapped himself in a plastic cover from the cold. We were able to go talk to him and pray with him and give him a blanket. So far, we reached approximately 40 people who were suffering from the cold and could not protect themselves during this season. We also preached the Gospel and prayed over them. 

Christmas Carols 

I can’t wait for this time of year and am excited because it is the best time to go to unbelievers’ houses to reach them by greeting them and having fellowship. We also give them a gift for Christmas and share the Gospel. It really makes them feel loved and cared for. We have a team of 7 people from our church who actively participated in reaching out through caroling.  As we are caroling, we go to unbelievers’ homes and sing songs which are related to Christ’s birth and the Gospel. 

When they see us REJOICE in Him, they also join in singing and dancing with us. Then we share the Gospel with them and ask  if they want us to pray for them. They respond quickly and ask us to pray.  I am really blessed see how God leads us to His children to heal their hearts and brings them out from sin. He doesn’t want anyone to perish. 
There are many broken families who need Jesus in their lives to restore what Satan tried to destroy. We were able to reach them, pray with them, and encourage them from the Word of God. For many families here, Christmas is about decorating, stars, Christmas trees, Santa, lights etc. But, still they do not feel joy in their lives. They depend on those things to make them feel like it is Christmastime. When December is gone, the joy also ends with it.  But, we were able to share what true Christmas is about: that they can be joyful every day in Christ, and how we can receive that precious gift from God who redeemed us from sin, death, and the bondage of sin. We were able to see them coming back to Christ. Learning the true meaning of celebrating the birth of Christ filled them with hope, peace and grace. 

New Church Plant

Sharing God’s Word at Our New Church Plant

I am very much blessed to see how God is working in these people. As I shared in my last newsletter, we plan to start new church plants this year. God really opened the door to go reach them and to lead them to Christ. This is the area where our brother Paul was lead by the spirit of God and reached this area where there were sheep without a shepherd. They have been moving around to many different churches. 
In that area, there are 8 families who believe in Christ. More than 30 families are unbelievers. So, we want to reach those 30 families with the Gospel and power of God and see them come to Jesus. We also want to train the 8 believing families to reach others in their area. Thank you for your prayers.  
Also please pray for my wife. She is now in the 8th month of pregnancy. Her due date is in February. We are very excited for this gift from God! 
Thank you, brothers and sisters in Christ, for partaking in God’s work that we are doing here. I really appreciate your heart for God and investing in His kingdom work. May God continuously bless you and your families. We will be praying for you all. 

Eating Together At Our Christmas Outreach

Thank you!

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

A Man We Gave a Blanket To
Giving a Blanket to a Disabled Man