Faith Tested By Fire – Part 2 – Pastor 11* Update August 2023

Dear Pastors, Partners, and Leaders!

Greetings to all of you from our church 

 Thank you for your help and support. With your help and support, the Good News is being taken to a place where it has not reached before. Neither have outsiders seen it, but now, with your prayers and help, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is reaching there. People are believing and devoting their lives to the Lord! 

 Because of her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, she was first beaten. Then her Bible was taken away and she was put under house arrest

 Hello dear friends, like I often do, I want to share with you the life testimony of a believer of my church. My heart starts crying after listening to her testimony. Eight years ago, a woman named P* came to our church. In the beginning, she came only to pray, but slowly after she heard the Gospel of the Lord and she started believing. She got baptized about 6 years ago. She started bringing her husband to church as well and made great strides in her faith and in the Word of God. 

But her husband was threatened by the people of his village. They said “You have converted. You will be thrown out of the village.” Her husband got scared and started trying to prevent his wife from attending church. But she still went to church and took much of God’s Word to heart by attending Bible studies. She also started telling people the Good News of Jesus Christ. Then, her husband started always beating her and preventing her from reading the Bible at home. Even then she did not stop reading the Bible. Her husband took her Bible and left it at someone else’s relative’s house. Still the poor thing didn’t stop coming to church. Then her husband began locking her in the house on the day when there was a church. So she would talk to us on her cell phone and we prayed together. In the end, her husband also took her phone from her. 

Please pray for her. We have had no contact with this lady for almost 1 month. May God take care of her and save her life and soul. Right now I do not have photo of this sister. As soon as she comes to church I will take her picture and share it with you.

We had a very good time of fasting and prayer all day!

Thanks be to God and thank you all for your prayers for my family and the church! Our churches are making great strides in the Word of God and in prayer. In our church on Friday August 4th, we had a day-long fast. It was a time of prayer and listening to the Word. Together we prayed for the whole world. We especially prayed for the places where the Gospel has not reached, that peace can be established in the whole world, and for God to give protection to the pastors, etc. 

It was very nice and exciting to hear from V* Aunty. The women in our church listened very carefully and thanked God as she shared through online video. For the first time, they got a chance to learn many new things by listening to the Word from her.  And in the end, we bid everyone farewell after having dinner.  

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray For P*. May God help her come back to church. 
  2. Please pray R*. He has been a believer for about 10 years. He has been handicapped since childhood. May God heal him. He is now 22 years old. 
  3. Pray for S*. He is suffering from a very strange disease. May God heal him also. 
  4. Pray for a widow woman who always comes to church. Her son is 22 years old. He is insane. 
  5. Please pray that the believers in our church can grow deeper in the Word of God and to spread the Gospel even more. 
  6. Please pray for rain in our area. Due to lack of rain, the hand pumps are drying up. There is also extreme heat. There are signs that there will be famine in the coming days. 
  7. Please pray that God keeps peace all over our country. Lately there have been riots and fighting between Hindus and Muslims. 
  8. Pray that God will keep our church safe from all kinds of problems. 

Thank you for your prayers, for your love for Christ, and for sharing in the work of the Gospel. 

God bless you!

Pastor & Mrs. 11*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.