Faith Tempered by Fire – Pastor 11 Update July 2023

Dear Pastors, Partners, and Leaders!

Greetings to all of you from my church! May God bless you and your family very much, because you guys are always praying for us and always ready to meet our needs. By the grace of God, there are now house churches running in 8 villages. Last week I went to the North and met my co-workers. It was wonderful to hear how God is working through them. God is adding people to their ministry day by day. Thank God!

A Servant of God Suffered Persecution and Suffering

I thank God that He has given me the opportunity to meet a faithful servants and his family in the North. He graduated from our Bible Institute in 2019 during the lock-down. He went through a lot of persecution together with Pastor 9*. But thank God for his faith and patience. He suffered in the name of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ and remained faithful in sorrow.

When persecution came, many pastors stopped calling, meeting and talking to him, but he remained faithful. Now he is independently sharing the Gospel in his village. He is running a Sunday fellowship and 15 to 20 people come each week. Some servants of the Lord give them a tenth of their income. I was very excited to meet him. My wife was also very excited to hear his testimony.

A Woman Takes Care of 3 Children Despite not Having a Husband!

I thank God that He gave me the opportunity to meet a family who is very poor but strong in faith. When I went to the North last week, I met a woman who had 3 children. The father left the family. Earlier that woman used to live in a slum area with her 3 children. When my sister went there and shared the Gospel, she shared about how God took our family out of a similar slum and garbage dump. So that poor woman believed in God. Still, because of not having a husband, she used to pick up garbage day and night to sell it. But then my sister took her to her house and gave her a room to stay in. She introduced her to many Christian brothers and sisters. Different people started giving her jobs of washing dishes and cooking in their homes. They gave her a salary along with food. Through an American family, 1 of her children, who was handicapped, got leg surgery. Also, all of the children are now able to go to a very good school. God is also arranging for the payment of their school fees. Now she always listens to the Word of God and lives in the company of believers.

I Had a Great Time with my Friends and Wife’s Relatives!

I thank God that God gave me the opportunity to go to the North last week. Meeting friends is a great blessing. We went to visit many places in the mountain area with friends. I got the chance to learn many new things. I also got the chance to meet with my wife’s relatives. It was a great time to get to know them better and spend time with them.

I also preached the Gospel to her relatives. My wife’s mother’s younger brother is a Jehovah’s Witness. My wife’s mother’s elder brother is a staunch Hindu. When I was sitting with him, he started telling me about his deity. Later I shared the Gospel with him. He did not believe at that time, but I believe that one day he will surely accept the Lord.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that God fulfills all of our needs.
  • Please pray for the people of our church to be strong in faith.
  • Pray for a believing lady of our church whose name is Pi*. Her husband became mentally ill a few days ago. Because of this, her family members torture her mentally and blame her. They are saying that her husband became mentally ill because she is a believer.
  • Please pray that one of my believing women’s name is Pu*. She has also been tortured very badly by her family members. They are preventing her from coming to church. They are forcefully taking her on a pilgrimage.
  • Please pray. Now in our area also, persecution has started on pastors. Just a few days ago, 10 to 12 people beat up a pastor and put him in jail on false charges.
  • Please pray. I want to organize a pastors’ meeting. I want to invite all the local pastors and try to bring them all together to one table. Almost all of the pastors are scared because of the persecution that has started.
  • Please pray for this cute baby (above) that is suffering from fits. He is about 10 months old.

Thank you for being a part in spreading the Gospel.

God bless you!

Pastor & Mrs. 11*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.