Christ’s Gospel Is for All People

“Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people.” 

Luke 2:10 NKJV

December was a great season of Christmas outreaches for our church family. God showed us the open doors, so we got the opportunity to hold four outreaches in different areas of the capital city. We had a great time of sharing Christ. So many people heard about “Why Christ Came to this World.” Our whole family was greatly involved in sharing the Gospel–even the children were amazing in distributing Gospel tracts to those who came to them. Praise God for the Christmas season!

Our First Gospel Outreach
Ladies sharing the Gospel during an outreach program.
Our Second Gospel Outreach
Our Third Gospel Outreach

People were listening to the Gospel program from their rooftops, along the road, and from the open air shops. 

Our Fourth Outreach (Outside the Church Area)

All of the believers, including the children, were busily distributing Gospel tracts. We distributed over 1500 Gospel tracts. Praise God for that!

We invited many friends and relatives to our church Christmas program. It was a good time to preach about Christ! Over 100 nonbelievers attended the program. 

We had other Christmas outreaches in the East. Altogether, we did 11 outreaches.

Calvary Chapel South East Outreach

Last month, during the Christmas season, God led us to do many Gospel outreaches. I had been thinking of doing church visits after Christmas. However, God showed us the Gospel needs in the C.J. area, in the southeast of our country where the new Calvary Chapel has been planted. That part of the country is filled with orthodox Hindus and Muslims. Churches are very, very rare. It is very difficult to preach the Gospel in that area. We had been praying about how to reach that area with the Gospel. As the answer to our prayers, God helped us realize, “Why not share the Gospel during the Christmas season?” And we said, “Yes, let’s do that!”

Pastor Nikesh (from the Calvary Chapel in the area) invited some of the local people where we planned the Gospel outreach. Many, many people were gathered. People from the rooftops of surrounding houses and people passing by on the road heard the message and received Gospel tracts also! We were able to distribute around 400 Gospel tracts. In response to the outreach, some people showed up at Calvary Chapel the following week for Christmas. Praise God for that! God willing, we pray that we will have even larger outreaches next year.

Calvary Chapel Central Outreaches

Like we did in the South East, we were able to do five Gospel outreaches in the surrounding areas of the Calvary Chapel in the central part of the country.  

Our First Central Outreach

This picture was taken at the first outreach. The elderly man in the chair used to be in the Nepali army. As we began the program, an elderly man was staring at us from the rooftop of his house across the road, in the blue house. After listening a while, he came with his wife and stayed until the end. When he left the program, he asked for more tracts, and said he would share with his family members also. People who were walking down the road, people who were listening from their rooftops, and also some people who came next to us, all heard the message.

Our Second Central Outreach
People who were in the area and from their houses heard us. Some received Gospel tracts as well.  
Our Third Central Outreach
We began our third outreach in a different area. People listened from their houses, but did not want to come to the area where we were doing the program.
Our Fourth Central Outreach

After we finished the third outreach with a little sadness, we headed to our next outreach location. On the way, we saw people sitting on the ground. There were other people working on the roadside. So, we thought, “Why not take this opportunity to share the Gospel with them!” We sang Christmas songs, shared the Gospel, and distributed over 200 Gospel tracts. People responded positively!

Our Fifth Central Outreach

Finally, we did the fifth outreach near the Calvary Chapel in the area. People were listening to us from their rooftops, their open shops, and the road.

We pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to the hearts of whoever heard the Gospel message, and draw them to Himself. Amen!


Prakash & Muna