Calvary School of Missions Newsletter 1

Calvary School of Missions class of 2020 Rosarito, Mexico  

Interceding for the nations

The school is well on it’s way, and already we’re seeing God birth new and deep truths into the students hearts and minds. One of the main focusses of the first 2 weeks is laying a biblical foundation in missions. This section of teaching is titled, “The Purpose of the Church”. Pastor Trent is walking the students through the Bible and unfolding the truth about why the church exists and what our role is in fulfilling that purpose on earth. 

Pastor Trent teaching a class on the purpose of the church

We’ve enjoyed, not only great teachings, but also sweet times of prayer and worship, COVID outreach to suffering people groups in communities surrounding the work here in Rosarito, and fellowship with one another as we become unified as one body. In the words of one of the students, it’s  been “RADICAL”. Students are sharing the gospel, stepping out of their comfort zones, and leading people to Christ for the first time. Several times a week, we open up a time of debrief. Students have the opportunity to share what God is doing in their hearts, how they’re being stretched, overcoming personal struggles, and what they’re experiencing through both teachings and outreaches. 

Please continue to pray for the  students as their minds are being shaped to think biblically about world evangelization and the Great Commission while learning to completely surrender any of their personal plans that may not be what God has for them and their future. Some  are asking for prayer for confirmation of calling, whether that’s to Go themselves to the field or stay here send others well. Other students need prayer for direction of where He would want them to minister cross-culturally. 

Praying with a local pastor, after an outreach, for a fruitful ministry

These kids love Jesus with all their hearts! The leadership is fired up and excited to see what God has for them individually. Our heart is to help facilitate discussions and deep prayer time that bring about a clear vision of God’s plan from the beginning of time and help them find out what their part is in fulfilling the great commission in their lives. Please pray for the leadership to have wisdom and anointing to lead well and teach well. Pray for protection over the school against illness or injuries. We are taking every precaution possible to keep germs out, but would also ask for God’s divine protection so we can finish the school with all students healthy and strong. Thank you all! We’re abundantly blessed to link arms with you all as we seek to  partner with these students and get them to where God has called them successfully. 

One of the students engaging a group of kids at an outreach