“But the Word of God Grew and Multiplied.” – Pastor Anand Update March 2024

“But the Word of God grew and multiplied.”

Acts 12:24

It is always exciting to write about how our God is in our mist, and how His kingdom is flourishing. When we look around, we see so many different ways that He has been working. I will explain some of the ways of how He is working in our mist.

In Our Bible College:

Things are going differently in our country. Young adults want to go abroad to find jobs and to chase their dreams. We have seen a million people leave our country. But there are some young people who want to leave their homes and join Bible college. We see hope in our country that God is working in our mist. These young people are not perfect, but our perfect God has greater plan for these imperfect young people. This new semester 8 new students were admitted in our Bible college. Now all together we have 31 students. There are 10 girls and 21 boys. Please pray that they grow in God’s Word and grace.

In Our Bible College Student’s Lives:

One of our Bible college students graduated a couple of months ago. He went to his hometown and started to share the Gospel. His name is Dhan. He received Christ when he was living at his sister’s house in the capital. He knew about our Bible college and came. 2 years later, after finishing Bible college, he went back to his village. While he was sharing Christ, he happened to meet one of the pastors of that area. That pastor invited him Church and asked him to teach in a house fellowship. Everyone in the fellowship was so blessed to hear Word from him. They had not thought that a young man could teach the Bible and open the scriptures in this way. Then the pastor asked him to teach in his youth meeting. Now the same pastor is asking him to teach in the main church service. Please pray for this young man. May God open the door for him to serve in the ways that God wants to use him.

In Our Bible College Community:

Our Bible college courtyard has become a blessing to our community. We did a couple of outreach programs there and invited the people of our community to come and enjoy the programs. We did Gospel songs, skits, and dances and shared the Gospel message. Since we had the programs, 2 brothers in our neighborhood started to come to church. They love having fellowship with us now. They are getting to know Christ and love to hang out with our students. We also made it open to the community to come and play table tennis in our courtyard, so that we can share Christ with them. Please pray that God may bring more young people to our courtyard ministry so that the students may have chances serve in and out of our Bible college.

Thank you,

Anand and Usha and Family