Being Blessed at Calvary Loreto – Mullins Update May 2023

The Lord is doing so many amazing things here at Calvary Loreto, Baja California Sur in Mexico. We are so privileged to be able to serve our Lord here in Loreto, Mexico. Pastor Elmer teaches verse by verse in the Gospel of John every Sunday and David teaches in the book of Exodus on Wednesday nights. We continue to offer the message of Salvation at every service ensuring that everyone that attends gets the opportunity to receive it. Along with the entire congregation knowing that their guests will always hear the message of Salvation at every service.

The Children’s Ministry continues to be a huge blessing for us as we are well over 40 children every service. We are currently teaching them at their grade levels with a curriculum provided by Calvary Church in Costa Mesa. There are now 3 separate classes: babies, young children, and our youth every Sunday and Wednesday. This takes a small army of volunteers every week, but the Lord has been faithful and continues to provide us with an amazing group of volunteers that are gifted to teach each of the children’s groups weekly. There is nothing more special for me than when we make house visits and see the children’s projects/crafts that are made on Sundays hanging in their homes. As soon as we walk in the children grab us and want to show me their work. We have one little boy that takes a while every week to do his project and when his mom comes to get him, he says I can’t leave mommy I want to finish my project for you. When I hear this my heart just melts.

Our youth class has just moved from the outside to our new indoor youth room as it’s beginning to be too hot to be outside and learn. This room was completed earlier this year and with the heat coming we needed to move the class indoors. Please keep them in your prayers that we can raise funds to get an air conditioner for this room in the hotter summer months. This class is a real treat to watch as these children learn and apply God to their lives and homes. Our future generations of believers will be walking with the Lord. It is so humbling to see their young lives transformed by Christ right before our eyes.

We had the pleasure to host and serve alongside a team from Southern California last month. They were here for one week and did so much to encourage us along with serving the entire church body. One thing they were able to do was an outreach in one of the local neighborhoods. We were able to invite neighbors back to one of the church member’s house to share a free meal which was the best Birria tacos. Once they were there, we were able to have fellowship and invited them to Calvary Church Loreto. To be able to sit with people while having a meal along with showing them the love of Christ is one of the most amazing things to see. We were so blessed by this day in so many ways. When the teams were out walking the neighborhoods, they were able to visit houses and pray for people’s individual needs along with praying for spiritual awakening in our town.

The team was also able to host a Marriage Date night where we served dinner and watched the movie “Courageous”. We had over 15 couples in attendance for this life-changing evening. Once the movie was finished the men were able to sign and commit their lives to all those present that they would be the Spiritual Leaders of their households. That they would be the Men God created them to be.
But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15

In February, Calvary Loreto was able to start our church planting classes. This class will lift servant leaders in the local church and also equip Ministry leaders along with those that feel called to plant churches and share the gospel message. We follow the book of Acts as the model that God has laid out for us. These students commit to a minimum of 2 years to be raised and to be open to where God wants them to go. We also had the privileged last month of our sending Church, Calvary Rosarito coming and doing our first Annual Church Planting Conference.
Pastor Mike led this conference explaining to everyone what the Bible tells us about being a sending Hub. We are extremely overwhelmed to see how the Holy Spirit is working through these students to glorify the kingdom of God throughout Mexico and the World. God has a mighty plan for these future church planters. Please keep them in prayer along with Pastor Elmer for wisdom as he teaches this class every week.

Pastor Elmer and his wife Crystal, David and I thank you all for your prayers and continued financial support. We couldn’t do it without faithful supporters like you. You ALL are helping to do the work of the ministry here in Loreto Mexico. This is your Spiritual fruit also and we are so Blessed to be able to serve our Lord and Savior here. Thank you for helping to do the work of the Ministry here in Loreto Mexico

MATTHEW 28 19-20

19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age,

If you are not currently a financial supporter and the Lord has put it on your heart to come alongside us to do the work of the ministry, please go to, click on the drop-down menu, and click Find a Missionary. Then scroll down to Mullins Family and click on our picture, there is a tab at the bottom left that says,” Become a financial supporter”. Once you are there you can put in all your information.


  • Please Pray that all the servant leaders to be united as one body in Christ to give them the strength to continue to serve our Lord and Savior at Calvary Loreto
  • For Protection for the Pastors and the Church Planting class that they are protected by the Full Amor of God
  • Pray that all the people going to the Church Panting Conference in Rosarito are able to raise funds and to get there safely