Awkward Stares and Answered Prayers (Ministering to Mormons Pt. 2)

Utah Group Praying at BYU

It was probably the most awkward moment of my life. Throughout the week in Utah our goal was to make genuine connections with Mormons and try to meet up with them later in the week. We had decided to host a dinner at the house we were staying at and three LDS people came to it! Dinner was great, but after we had all finished we were sitting in a circle and conversations shifted towards discussion about Mormonism. We had been doing this all week, what was the problem? We were 11 Christians all asking these three new friends questions, who wants to be in a situation like that, you feel surrounded! We could all feel the discomfort rising. I walked out of the room for just a minute, and began to pray. All I did was pray for about 10 seconds something like, “Lord, this is strange, what do we do, we want these people to feel loved and have good discussions with us, Lord help us.” Right after I walked into the once intense room and-BAM-practically everyone in the room was in a conversation. Each of our 3 LDS friends were having a one on one conversation with someone from our team and others were having other side conversations. The atmosphere was alive and fruitful. This was-so far in my life- the most instant and powerful moment of answered prayer.

Team Prayer in the same room from the story above

But the story doesn’t end there. As the conversation kept going a few people from our team decided to sneak out of the room, down to the basement to pray for those who were in conversation with the guests. Here we were not fighting any physical battle but an intensely spiritual one: our brothers and sisters upstairs were contending for the faith with those who have been held captive by the lies of the enemy their whole life. It reminded me of the story of Moses and Joshua. Joshua is down in the valley fighting the Amalakites and Moses, Aaron, and Hur are on the mountain holding the staff. When the staff is raised, Joshua has victory and when it is lowered he has defeat. Later those who were in conversation said they felt such a peace during their conversation because we were praying. It became such a powerful illustration and reminder for me of the the prayers of the church. When we come alongside our brothers and sisters in prayer it is not a light thing, we are actually partaking in the spiritual battle with them: whether they are upstairs, across the country, or around the world-our prayers are not in vain.

Praying in the basement while conversations happen upstairs

“Whenever Moses held up his hand, Israel prevailed, and whenever he lowered his hand, Amalek prevailed.”

EXODUS 17:11

There were multiple other follow-up appointments we had throughout the week in Utah. By the end of the week it was probably around 10 people and that itself is a huge answer to prayer! Sometimes when teams go to Utah they don’t get to follow up with anyone, let alone 10! One appointment that our contact had set up for us was lunch with four Mormon Missionaries. We split up between them (two people each) and were able to share with them. After this lunch appointment it was awesome to learn that in each conversation we had brought up the thief on the cross and at least one person shared their personal testimony. How amazing to see the Spirit work in unity while we are sharing separately.

Outreach at Weber State University

“Can you take a moment and answer one of these questions?” That’s how simple it was to start a gospel conversation during our outreach at Weber State University. We had set up signs that had various spiritual questions on it which allowed us to share the gospel with many students! “What would you do if you I told you Joseph Smith had made prophecies that did not come true?” I asked a mormon during the outreach. “I would want to go and research it myself.” I was grateful to hear this answer because for so many ex-mormons, it all started with someone telling them one thing that sent them on a journey to the truth.

The last thing we did on the way to the airport in Utah was pray outside of a planned parenthood. We got to lift up a brother who is faithfully preaching there every week. If I’m reading the website correctly, this specific planned parenthood specializes in providing nothing but abortions. “But there’s so many mormons in Utah, aren’t they all pro-life?” you might say. Yes, the mormons themselves are mainly pro-family and pro-life, but what about the 30-ish percent who are not mormon? They are mostly ex-mormons who became atheists. I can’t prove any of this with numbers, but it makes sense if you have an atheist worldview to approve the murder of children in the womb. Please continue to pray for abortion to be abolished in our country.

Praying outside Planned Parenthood

“For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.”


Our weapons are spiritual. Whether its praying for our neighbors stuck in mormonism or in the womb of their mothers-we must fight this battle on our knees. Never ever forget the importance of your prayer life. Lift up to our Lord worship and supplication. Prayer is your greatest resource and weapon. Don’t look around at the circumstances of the world and become distressed, look up to the God who created all and pray.

For His Eternal Kingdom,

Adam Fulmizi

Praise Reports/ Prayer Requests

  • Praise Reports
    • Fruitful conversations and follow ups in Utah
    • The Lord’s provision and guidance
    • The Lord continually opening doors to travel and spread his gospel
  • Prayer Requests
    • For “Conner” and others who heard the Gospel in Utah
    • For the current full time gospel workers in Utah
    • For the Lord to send out laborers to plant churches in all the world
    • Vision and wisdom in life and ministry decisions

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