August 2020 update from Huacho, Peru

Hello, everyone, we just want to keep y’all updated on how God is working in and through us in Peru. Despite the pandemic setbacks, we see lives being changed, we have our School of Ministry up and running, and this has been a vision for almost two years that has become a reality! We are offering Ministry practices 101, Personal discipleship by me the pastor, the study of Adoration, Romans, and Hebrews. The students have an overview of the Old Testament by listening to expository teachings, through the scriptures, book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse!

Thanks to our ministry partner who is helping us by providing weekly groceries to families in need within our ministry. Were back under nightly lockdowns, and all day Sundays nobody can leave their home. We found these cool Hazmat suits to help us be protected during these pandemic days! Keep us in your prayers, specifically, for health and protection against the Coronavirus, pray for strength as we continue with all of our online ministries and the SOM program. Pray for God’s provision as we continue to be obedient to the Call.