Ask of Me

Thank you for your prayers and support. It is really encouraging for me to hear that you are praying for us and for God’s work that we are doing here in our city. I am thankful to God that there are people who pray for and support us in God’s work.

During this pandemic situation, God has been really faithful to us. He has provided for us and kept us safe.

Serving the Lord Together with My Wife

We are still doing our worship service online and through conference calls. Because of the lock-down, we haven’t been able to meet together with our church family. So this month, we visited and had a Bible study in their homes. We encouraged them and were able to spend some time with them. They really felt loved, happy, and cared for.

They asked me, “How were you able to make it through this pandemic situation, and provide food for your family and the people who are with you?”

I answered and said, “When things were going well and everything was good we had only some food and things. But during this time of Corona, I experienced a double and triple portion of God’s provision. You can see how faithful our God is to provide for us.”

They said that they were worried about us and prayed for us. They were really encouraged and praised God. I can see God’s provision even more during the tough times when things are not going well.

Sharing at a Local Church

I have been invited to local churches of other denominations to teach the Word of God. It is really a blessing and encouraging. More than 250 families attend the church I grew up in. I got to teach the Word of God there and I was able to share my testimony about how God lifted me up and is using me as His servant. I was a person who knew nothing and always clammed up. But God did everything. People were able to see the work of God and praised Him. 

I can feel that through this season, God is taking us to the next level of His work and in our spiritual lives. He is teaching us many things and we are experiencing His goodness in our lives.

Not only good things, yes, I am facing some struggles and experiencing hard times in my life. But those hard things are helping me to transform into the image of God and to be how God wants His children to be. I can feel that God is preparing me for a purpose. I am praising God for everything. I am really thankful to God for helping me in those times of struggles. Keep praying for me.

We recently started a young adult Bible study. God has put it in my heart to focus on our church’s young adults and to have a separate Bible study with them to encourage and to teach them the Word of God. It is going really well. New people are being added to it. It is really encouraging to see them studying the Word of God. Please pray for them as they grow. Pray that they will make good choices in their lives and that if they fall they will be able to get up with the help of God’s Holy Spirit and experience the Grace of God.

A Bible School in Our City

When God sent me to Bible college in another country, I learned the true Word of God. I was amazed by the teaching and the people’s pure heart in serving the Lord. 

I wished that we could have a Bible school, in our city also, to teach God’s Word and how to rightly divide the Word of God. I experienced God’s love and His heart and His purpose through the Word of God. If God could change my heart and start to work through me, He will surely do it in every person who hears this type of teaching. I have been praying for this for 4 years.

God has opened doors this year to work on it and start in 2021. We are going to have Bible classes teaching verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book. 

We found a good house where we can start a Bible school and a new church plant. Please pray for us to have wisdom and knowledge to be led by the Spirit of God. Now I have a team who is helping me in this vision. Pray that we serve with humble hearts and in unity.

Thank you for taking the time to pray and take part in the work we do here in our city. We keep praying for you and your families. We love you. 

Prayer requests:

  • For me and my family to have good health
  • For my 4 month old niece to have good health
  • For our church family to grow more in God’s Word.
  • For the future Bible school/college
  • Pray for brother Andrew* and brother Punkaj’s* families’ protection as they serve here in our church and help with starting a Bible school. 

Thank you

Pastor 6* Family
*Names have been changed or omitted for security reasons.