An Unexpected Twist to Missionary Care

I must admit that up until January of this year I have had a very limited view of missionary care.
Having just concluded a six week trip to Mexico where I had the privilege of leading the Calvary School of Missions, I struggle to find the words to express the joy and growth brought about through this experience. It has been difficult at times as I left my fiancé, Jenn at home but both of us see the sacrifice being well worth it. I spent the last six weeks watching seven young men and women seek the Lord for His will for their lives. The Calvary school of missions was a six-week intensive Missions training School focused on education in the morning hours, teaching students the Biblical philosophy of missions, cross-cultural ministry, church planting techniques, and so much more. The afternoons were filled with various types of outreach, homework, and lessons in self-care and relationship building.

School Photo

As the title of this update reflects, the unexpected twist in missionary care is that my focus has been on caring for missionaries in the field, I still truly believe this is the call the Lord has upon my life, however, as usual, His view is so much bigger than mine. The opportunity that I’ve had to care for and train up missionaries on their way to the field was such a rich experience and has brought much joy to my heart. Don’t get me wrong, it was not without challenges but God sustained us through every one of them. The pastors and leadership of Calvary Chapel Saving Grace put a great deal of trust in me in allowing me to lead this school and for that, I’m truly grateful. The opportunities for me to utilize the skills and gifts God has given me in team leadership, outreach coordination, safety and security, caring for others, and Bible teaching was so rewarding and I believe brought great glory to my God and King. For many years I have been leading short term trips to Mexico with absolutely no clue how God was going to use those trips in this school. As I was leading this school it seemed as if each one of my many trips to Mexico over the years condensed into one fluid experience where God was able to use me and the relationships that have been built over the years to make this school successful and safe. Much thanks to all of my friends in Mexico, I love you all so much.

As I have returned to the states with a renewed vigor an expanded view of what missionary care is all about, it’s with great anticipation that I look forward to what the Lord has in store for me in my new expanded view.

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  1. That I would be a better communicator of what God is allowing me to be involved in around the world
  2. That I would follow through with a lifestyle change the Lord has put upon my heart long ago involving nutrition and exercise
  3. That I would courageously proclaim the Gospel at every opportunity given

~ Blessings,

Tim Pappas