A Very Different Season

Many of you maybe wondering what has gone on since the 2019 Calvary School of Missions where I was fortunate to be able to lead the on-ground operations of the missions training school launched by Saving Grace World Missions. I do have to confess since then it has been quite an interesting season.

For a period of that time, quite frankly, I was asking myself what am I doing here?
This was the question, this has been the struggle. As I have returned to work here in the SGWM (Saving Grace World Missions) home office, fulfilling my duties as the Assistant Director as well as my role as associate pastor at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace, I’ve asked myself a lot of questions. What am I doing here, why am I sitting in hours of meetings, why am I answering phones, why am I chasing emails, why am I dealing with traffic? Why, why, why? Well, a few answers became clear to me.
First of all because this is what God has called me to for this season. Even though my heart longs to be in the field and to be in the lives of missionaries, God has called me for the time being to pour into them from afar and take short visits to them.
Secondly, God has entrusted to my care several young men and women from the school who are now interning with us. The Lord has seen fit to allow me to pour into their lives, guide them, and direct them as they seek to acquire the skills and tools they will need to succeed on the mission field.

Missionaries in Training

Sowing, Watering, and Harvesting

Sowing: I bet sometimes the farmer wonders, “why in the world am I digging in these hard rocks? What the heck am I doing in this dusty field?” Especially if he’s had opportunity to water, watch things grow, and even harvest as I have. So, what am I doing in this office, meeting, country? Sowing, that’s what!

The farmer doesn’t get to only water, the farmer doesn’t get to only harvest; he gets to do the hard work of sowing as well. I say that I get to do the work of sowing because I have found it to be quite a joy once I got the proper perspective, God’s perspective.

From Marriage to Mexico within Two Days

Lastly, was the reality of the most excellent reason that I am back here, that is to plan and participate in a wedding. Many of you know I’ve been dating the love of my life for a little over two years God has shown me what a wonderful ministry partner, friend and helpmate Jenn is and on November 23rd, Jenn and I were married! I am excited to see how the Lord is going to use us as a couple in ministering to missionaries. God has gifted Jenn with many talents and skills, along was being very smart and beautiful she has the rare ability to truly love people, to listen to the issues of their heart, and care for their souls. I’m looking forward to partnering with Mrs. Pappas in the care of missionaries and I’m excited to see what God is going to do in and through the two of us.

We are in need of people who wish to partner with us financially. I am most appreciative of you who have already joined me in this area, and I’m grateful that I have reached 1/2 of my monthly support needs. If the Lord leads you to join us financially, you can do so by clicking here to become a financial partner or mail your support check to:

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All for His Glory,

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