A New Direction


It has been over twelve years since I came on staff as a missionary with Saving Grace World Missions. I have seen God do so many radical things that I could never have imagined. Recently, God has brought in a fantastic addition to the SGWM home office, my good friend Tim Pappas. Tim will be taking a lot of the day-to-day administrative tasks from my plate which will significantly free me up to lead SGWM into the future. God has blessed me with incredible opportunities and experiences that have provided significant hands-on mission training. After gaining this level of preparation, I am now transitioning my focus and taking what I have learned and put it together in three formats – books, a weekly missions article, and an online missions school.

Two Books
The first task that I will be focusing on is writing two books. The first book will be directed to the missionary and will answer the questions of how to transition from living in the States to becoming a full-time cross-cultural missionary living overseas. The second book will be directed towards pastors. My goal would be to provide them with the wisdom and encouragement needed to become a thoroughly equipped sending church.

Weekly Missions Articles
There will be three target audiences for these articles – the missionary, the sender, and the sending church. Each of these audiences fills a unique role in the context of missions, and I look forward to sparking up conversations and providing insight to equip everyone to become better missionaries and senders. CLICK HERE to view an article.

Online Missions School
This, of course, is an enormous undertaking. I will start by creating online classes that will focus on training SGWM missionaries all the way from pre-field departure to developing a re-entry plan and everything in between. Once I get the classes in place, and it has been thoroughly vetted our vision will be to open this training up to the public.

I am excited to start chipping away at these new projects, and I believe that the Lord will significantly use them to help equip others in the task of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Lastly, I want to say thank you for all the years of faithful prayer and support. Erin and I are exceedingly blessed. If anyone would like to join our financial team, you can do so by clicking the link to the below.

God Bless,
Pastor Mike