A New Beginning

The Students Preparing to Leave the Northern Campus

My time in the North taught me many things. It was a good place to stay for a semester, a good experience to be alert in the ministry, and a super good new page in my life. It was the lock-down. We were all eating less food and thinking about the  next days provisions. Everybody had these two questions in their minds: “How many days are we going to stay here?” and “How we will reach our homes back in the South?” 
There were no classes going on, because we didn’t know when the local intelligence policemen would come and inspect us. (They don’t want to see anything happening in regards to Christianity.) Our only belief (about it) was “We are under lock-down, but the Word of God is not.” 

During My Time in the Mountains

As our hearts thought about this statement, we already knew that God had started a new beginning in our lives. I knew that I could not teach where I was, but that there were people outside of the mountain I was on who are looking for the Truth. 
With the help of my students, I started filming teachings. All that we had was our mobile phones, but God miraculously provided us with a camera temporarily to finish the introduction to 1st Corinthians. That is how we started Calvary Chapel (our country) CC Fellowship. Now it is on YouTube. Not only I, but every missionary in my country who is ministering with Saving Grace has his or her ministry with this thought of “CC fellowship”.I never thought of putting myself on the internet. I do not even post my pictures on Facebook. The first doubt my mind attempted was “Maybe I am not adequate to teach the Word of God online. That is only possible for senior pastors.” After spending so much time asking God,”Is it your will for me to start this?” I was greatly encouraged and refreshed in regards to my channel. I thought “Let me start this with what I know, and God will teach me the remaining things that I need to know in His time.” 

With this new beginning, I have started my journey back to my hometown with seven students on a 24 hour train ride. The seven of us are from different districts, that are in two different states, but we all speak the same language. My hope is that every single student will lead a great life for Christ and that they will plant many churches in the future. I am very humbled that all of you are with me in this journey and our Lord is with all of us! 
As William Carey said “Expect great things from God; Attempt great things for God”. My prayer is that the students who are taking Bible training would understand God’s heart for unreached people and that they would experience the above statement in their lives. 

God bless you,

Pastor 7*
*Names have been changed or omitted for security reasons.