A Ministry Filled Summer

Summer months as a youth and missions pastor are always insane! Erin and I plan to buckle down and enjoy the ride each summer and then go on a long and much-needed vacation. This summer was not without trials and problems. It started with our youth and young adults Israel tour. I had 26 youth and young adults signed up, airfare booked, and ready to go on a ten-day Israel tour, but we had to cancel last minute due to Israel updating their COVID policies. This has been the norm for the past year and a half but has not stopped us from trying and moving forward with plans. I already have plans for Belize next summer, Israel in summer 2023, Mexico this Fall and Spring 2022, and more. I figured that I will still run full steam ahead until God closes the door or reroutes us.

Youth Summer Camp 2021

Our School of Missions is nearing its final week, and God has been moving. I was privileged to head down to Mexico on the 28th and 29th of July to spend a few days with our 12 students, plus our excellent CSOM staff and volunteers. Pastor Trent also had me teach (unplanned and last-minute). I was grateful for the opportunity. While the team, which comprises most of our staff, is in Mexico, I have been holding down the home office on the missions and church side, plus running our Summer programs for our youth ministry. In fact, I ran our four-day Summer camp right before I went down to Mexico (July 23-26). We had 43 people in attendance and I was able to teach on our assurance because of the finished work of Christ.

Praying for the Boubion Family Moving to Mexico.
*Two of them are high school students in our youth group.

On the missionary care front, we have had a plethora of opportunities to minister to our missionaries and host dessert gatherings, counseling sessions, and administrative support. In the context of missionary care, a lot of what I do with our missionaries cannot be communicated in an update letter as it is all confidential. Still, please be in prayer as the enemy has been attacking our missionaries and their families. COVID has been a primary tool that the enemy has used to discourage, distract, and derail so much ministry, and helping our missionaries and ministries navigate these uncharted waters has been challenging to say the least. In the end, God is and will use it for His glory, but we could use your prayers and support in the meantime.

Last week I submitted my final assignment for my Master’s Degree. I am officially graduated with the highest honors (3.95 GPA) with a Master’s in biblical and systematic theology. Thank you to everyone for your prayer and support over the past five-six years as I journeyed through this season.

Lastly, please be in prayer for Erin and the kids as they start up a new school year in two weeks. My house is buzzing with planning and anticipation for the new school year. Also, please be praying for the youth ministry that Erin and I lead. We have so many things going on and such wonderful teens. It is a privilege to be involved in discipling these young adults.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and support. Erin and I do serve as state-side missionaries and half of our monthly income comes from missionary support. If you would like to become a financial partner, please click here to access our online giving link.

God Bless,
Mike, Erin, and Kids.