A Great Time on a Mission Trip – Prakash Update June 2023

Great Time on a Mission Trip 

A true mission trip is not all about fun. We need to put aside our comfort zone and get ready to face the peoples’ problems and serve them every possible opportunity. There are plenty of challenges, hardships, and different kinds of difficulties; yet it is always filled with the great blessings at the end! That part of doing ministry is so rewarding, that it ignites our desire to serve the Lord even more.

Calvary Chapel H*

As pastors, we lead people to the Lord, disciple them, raise them for service to the Lord. When we see the fruits in their ministry, it brings great joy to our hearts and fills our eyes with tears of joy!

A new family has been attending Calvary Chapel H* for two months. Brother Dipak accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior. It was great to see people coming to the Lord!

Holy Communion (above)- We had a sweet time of a Holy Communion Service at Calvary Chapel H*.

Visiting Believers’ Homes

When we do mission trips, we love visiting believers (above) from our church and hearing their testimonies, finding out their current situations, and spending time in prayer with them!

This family (above) lives in the middle of the jungle, around 20 kilometers away from Calvary Chapel H*. It takes one hour and 45 minutes for them to get to the bus station. We had an opportunity to visit them, see their difficult situation, and pray for them. It was heartbreaking! When a member of that family gets sick, they have to physically carry them as there is no provision of an ambulance.

Meeting with the local pastors: on this trip we visited two pastors who are good friends of mine. As we shared about our Bible School and IBS method, they became interested in sending their youth. They also want us to have an IBS conference in their area in the near future and invite other church leaders. The man on my left side (above) is the president of an organization of 22 pastors of different churches.

N* Church Visit

I used to write about this church in the past. The pastor of this church’s son and three of his daughters used to attend our church in the capital. The pastor is getting older.There is no one who wants to lead the church after him. We tried to encourage and raise up a leader for couple of years, but no one appeared. Then we put it in the Lord’s hands, because we also have not be able to send someone there to look after the church. Still, that church is in our prayers. May God raise someone up!

Calvary Chapel J* Mission Trip

We visited the church and had a one day IBS conference.

The conference at Calvary Chapel J* was blessed. People really liked the IBS method. We hope that the churches there will send their people to our Bible Institute and organize an IBS conference in future.

Brother Rabindra from our church in the capital, who graduated previously from Calvary Bible Institute, is teaching IBS (above). He is leading a Bible study in his home town.

I had a great time with pastor Indra, the president of J* United Pastors. He really liked the IBS method and is interested in sending people in future to Calvary Bible Institute.


Prakash and Muna