A Day We’ve All Been Waiting For – Hamano Update November 2023

Dear friends and family,

I often question myself wondering, will I ever go on the field? Will I be able to complete the call the Lord has placed on my life? Well, we are getting one step closer to that goal of going to Japan. First let me start with some life updates: Lydia and I finally have a date for our wedding, I got a new job at St. Jude Hospital, and we are going on a vision tour!


We are getting married on January 6th of next year, only a month away! It’s been stressful getting prepared for the big day. To balance our school at our church, plus job, and preparing for a vision tour has been a lot to handle. Through it all we have amazing friends and family helping us every step of the way. I am so blessed by each and every one of you who helped us get to the place we are right now.


I am still working at Starbucks for two days, but I have begun working as an administrator for the radiology department at St Jude. I’ve learned so much already and the doctors have taken me under their wings and helped me to understand all the medical terms to succeed at my job. Typically, my job consists of sending out results to other doctors’ offices and taking calls. I find that the job has allowed me to connect to others in a way I couldn’t before at Starbucks due to the fast-paced environment there.


The internship is now progressing into missions training School. When I say school from here on, I mean the missions training I am doing in the church. For this new year I am overseeing the booth ministry. I will be looking to work myself out of the job if you will. My prayer is that I can take the things I’ve been given and give them to other people. The pastors have given me so much opportunity to grow in leadership. I am so thankful for the leadership’s heart wanting to see me grow in Christ.

Next, I am beginning the hard road of learning language and continuing my studies in the Scriptures. Lydia and I are going to be using an online program called “Japanese Pod 101,” it’s a program that works you through modules of Japanese. I have to be honest I am quite intimidated by learning Japanese, I barely learned English, and I am taking on another language. It’s quite daunting to say the least.

New Things Same Calling

And finally, the Japan trip. We will be going for a week at the end of January. It isn’t a very long time but the prayer is that it is only the start. Our goal there is to go and see the land that the Lord has called us to and get solid confirmation. We are looking to also grow relationships there as well. We have a few connections in Osaka. We hope to partner with them as well a possible connection in Okinawa. We hope to get a taste of the culture and learn how we can be planted there.

In conclusion, there is so much opportunity the Lord has given to be trained up and to prepare to be sent out. Please be praying for Lydia and me as we prepare for a new chapter in our lives and continue in the school that the Lord would allow us to grow in His ways and be sent out.

Thank you for all your support and prayers, we couldn’t do it without each of you. You guys are such a blessing.

Geoff Hamano

Prayer requests:

  • To grow in relationship with the Lord
  • To be fully funded for the Japan trip
  • To learn the Japanese language well