My Cry Came Before Him

Hello Team,

You have been hearing about how God is working in my mother’s life. It is an absolute miracle that she is alive today! For the past few days, she has been able to walk a few steps with the help of walker and oxygen. The doctors are not sure how long she will need oxygen. One doctor suggested turning off her oxygen for ten minutes every hour during the day time, which is showing me that my mom is doing a little better with her breathing. When we turn off her oxygen for ten minutes, her oxygen saturation is 58. (A normal healthy person’s saturation fluctuates between 95 to 99.) So now we know how much more she needs to get better to be lead a normal life.

On the other hand, in regards to my ministry, I am going to rejoin the Lord’s work starting the 1st week of March. I will be teaching 2nd Corinthians at Calvary Chapel Bible College during the current semester. I also think I am ready to make more videos through Facebook and YouTube. One thing that I have come to understand more fully during this season is that death is so quick. No doctor or technician can stop someone’s death and most people are dying without knowing Jesus as their Savior.
I believe God may use this season and experience in my life to be a blessing to many people. This experience gave me a lot more concern and responsibility toward the people who haven’t heard the Gospel yet and those who claim that they are Christians but are living in a superstitious Christian religion, not knowing the true Word of God.
I have also received books that are useful to my ministry. I like to read. I like to spend hours studying different authors’ commentaries. For that reason, I always exhort students that unless they spend hours sitting studying and reading God’s Word they cannot stand an hour in front of the pulpit. I am so excited to start a fresh chapter in this journey.
I love you and thank you all for being understanding with me for all these days and months and for not pressuring me while I was doing my responsibility to my family.
God bless,Pastor 7*
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.