500 Hot Dogs Making Noise – Weakland Update October 2023

Got you! I knew the title of this newsletter would pique your curiosity and cause you to click. The title actually does have relevance to it, and will make more sense at the end.

The Invasion

Eighty-five people among Calvary Trujillo, Calvary Bible Institute Kauai, and the Moyobamba team spent a week together mainly focusing on 3 events here in the Peruvian jungle city, Moyobamba. The events were a free kids festival, free hot dogs to the community, and a free Christian concert. The purpose of the events was to serve the local people, connect with them, and let them know about the church plant. After all, we have a building and it is ready for church service! It’s only missing people.

The Turn-Out

We invited a ton of people to come to our events! From handing out flyers, to the cars waiting at red lights, to passing out invitations to people at the main square, many in the city knew about us and our mission. What I didn’t know is how many people would show up. As the day approached, and I went to the grocery store with my chamo Johann (chamo means bro in Venezuela), I was sure that 500 hot dogs would be more than enough food! Better to have too much left over rather than not enough, right? Well…

Invitations handed out at the main square.

When I arrived at the Coliseum 30 minutes before the events started, there were already about 20 people that came in and were waiting. About an hour later there were about 100 people. And then hundreds. I don’t know how many in total, and quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. But I do know that we ran out of hot dogs, and Mario (one of the leader from Calvary Kauai) went and bought much more. Even though the Coliseum (where we hosted) is a huge place, one side was fairly full of Moyobambinos.

In this picture, our team was teaching the children Christian songs with movements.

Most that came heard the gospel, and were received with love and prayer. It was a sweet night of fellowship and worship. And all of it was used to introduce the Calvary Moyobamba team and me, the pastor, as well as invite them to our first service.

First Sunday Service, the Big Day

After 2 full busy work days of construction and painting at the church with the Calvary Trujillo team, the building was ready for service!

The girls from Calvary Trujillo painted the first floor. They put several coats of paint on and did such a good job! Our first service had beautiful white walls.

The guys from Calvary Trujillo had lots of physical labor cut out for them (on the second floor), from carrying up buckets of sand, to mixing concrete, to installing a water tank. Now the kids for Sunday School have a safety wall by the staircase. And the whole church has water! By the way, we like to have fun too, hence the picture!

Our first church service on Sunday, October 15 was spectacular. The worship was passionately pointed to God, I had such concentration on the sermon, Luke 1:1-4, and we had quality conversations with people afterwards. Also, we were able to give several people bibles that came to service, with the condition that they have to read them every day.

Calvary Trujillo and Calvary Moyobamba pose after the service.

Other Notes

  • Today (Wednesday) I will be teaching Genesis, starting with 1:1. It has been raining, but may that not stop people from coming to receive the Word of God!
  • I am grateful for the support and guidance of my Pastor Cory. He has discipled me, answered a lot of my questions, and loves me.
  • We were sent out by Calvary Trujillo October 1st and have received many verses and messages of encouragement from them. They pray for us and are part of this work in Moyobamba.
  • Thank you so much for your prayers and support! All of this preparation and investing became a reality. And it is only the beginning.

Praise Reports

  • Hundreds of people were able to hear about Jesus in Moyobamba
  • There was unity and servant-hearted people from Kauai and Trujillo that God used to be part of this church plant
  • Our friendships with the local people here
  • Financial support

Prayer Requests

  • May God and only God always be glorified in Calvary Moyobamba
  • That the Lord will highlight people we can disciple one-on-one
  • May more and more people come to repentance and be reconciled with God
  • Financial support for a mototaxi and a future discipleship house for young Moyobambino Christians