God Confirms our Call – February 2022

Hello friends and family!

In the last month we have jumped back into the Calvary Church Planting School in Rosarito.

December saw us finalize the purchase of our home in Tijuana and January has been an amazing time of strengthening our family vision and service at Calvary Rosarito. Lydia has joined the CCR staff and will be writing a manual / book for the Church Planting School. While our younger children started high school again at Santillana del Mar Preparatoria, they are not being allowed on campus and most of the teachers are not doing online classes. Please pray!

Lydia at Monday’s staff meeting. Every Monday we share what great things God did in His church!

Visiting and Strengthening Church Plants

Encouraging pastors and leaders from Campeche at the Church Planting Conference in January 2022

I recently had the privilege of visiting two church plants sent from Calvary Rosarito. Pastors were greatly encouraged and are planning to start their own schools in Campeche and Merida. Pray for these brave and hard working Pastors!

Leading worship at Capilla Calvario Campeche !

Check out what Paul does in Acts 20: 2 “He traveled through that region with a message of encouragement…” VISITING church plants is exciting because you get to follow in the footsteps of the great apostle Paul! Pray for the church planters and their families to flourish and reach more families!

Teaching 2 Keys to Strong Communication at a Marriage Conference in Tulancingo, Hidalgo, January 2022

Divine Appointment

This is Pastor Rafael Arguello from MCI Campeche

I met Pastor Rafael in Mexico City in the airport. We were both travelling to Campeche together and he and I ended up sitting in the airplane together. He pastors a large church in Campeche as part of International Christian Ministry (MCI in Spanish). Fog delayed our arrival 3 extra hours while we taked about family and ministry. He was so intrigued that he showed up at the Church Planting Conference the next morning! Pray the Lord blesses this Pastor as he teaches the Bible verse by verse after many years of topical sermons. Pray more partnerships ar forged and more souls reached!

Life Group in Tijuana

My friend Fernandino is leading worship at our third Life Group at our home in Tijuana, February 2022!

Life Group is another name for small groups at a house. Folks from church and from our neighborhood come every Thursday night for food, Bible study and prayer! God has blessed us with a gifted musician! Pray for us to reach more neighbors with Christ’s love!

In Christ,

The Boubion Family