Learning How to Counsel Folks!

February 2023 – Learning How to Counsel Folks!

Biblical Counseling Ministry

Claudia and I have jumped into the Biblical Counseling ministry since last year (2022) and it seems to have snowballed! Most folks see counseling from a secular psychology perspective, whereas the Biblical counselor uses the Word of God to help folks turn to God first for the things we struggle with. This does not replace the need for doctors or negate the reality of mental illness and the trauma and scars many of us have, but ultimately we believe these things are the result of the “Fall” described in Genesis chapter 3.

Furthermore, we believe and have seen that the inspired Word of God is sufficient to help people work through their problems. Check out our ministry’s subtitle from 2 Timothy 3:16-17

“Every scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for showing mistakes, for correcting, and for training character, so that the person who belongs to God can be equipped to do everything that is good.”

2 Timothy 3:16-17

The more we are involved in counseling folks, the more the work looks like DISCIPLESHIP!  This is exactly what Jesus commanded at the end of his earthly ministry! Check out what he said at the end of Matthew’s Gospel:

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything that I’ve commanded you. Look, I myself will be with you every day until the end of this present age.”

Matthew 28:19-20 (CEB)
This is from a recent breakfast with our counselors.

A simple example of how this works in Marital Counseling. If you have been  married, you know that your spouse can never meet all your needs. However, God can and does! We point people to Jesus who IS perfect, and has promised

“to NEVER leave us nor forsake us” 

(Hebrews 13:5b)

So ultimately, our goal as Biblical counselors is to help people grow in their Christian walk and relationship with Jesus. When God becomes first in your life, the other things are now in their proper place and priority.  

We recently got to visit Israel. This is a photo from the Mount of Olives where Jesus frequently visited.
Claudia visiting our church plant in Monterrey, Mexico.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Thanksgiving! For the generous sponsorship our youngest children received to attend the CCSG Spring youth retreat!
  2. Wisdom, patience and strength for Claudia and I as we lead the Biblical Counseling ministry at Calvary Rosarito!
  3. Our church planting school’s 62 students (Claudia and I are mentors)
  4. The folks at NewLife rehab center where we visit every Tuesday.
  5. God to strengthen our communities to be healthy places where folks make friends and flourish and grow.

Why serve God?

The Boubion family has been in Mexico serving at Calvary Rosarito for 16 months. Do you know what the Paul the Apostle says to the Ephesian church?

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Ephesians 2:10

So, God actually “prepared” good works for us to do for Him! What a great honor!

Here are a few photos of our family’s ministry activities the last month!

Baptizing new Believers!

This is Miguel, recently arrived from Venezuela.
Lydia, Claudia & Benjamin at our big beach baptism in August.

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Visiting Church Plants

It is a great blessing to encourage pastors, their families and their congregations! In the last year we have visited church plants in Ensenada, Hermosillo, Monterrey, Chihuaha, Culiacan, Mazatlan, Mexico City, Tulancingo and even Guatemala.

We live in a fallen world! Bones break, cars are smashed, pets die! But God is always with us and is always faithful!

Our son Cristian is enjoying his high school “fútbol rápido” team!
Biblical Counseling ministry monthly breakfast and the sisters who serve with us!

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There is a lot happening here! One of the exciting things happening is my wife Claudia discipling several ladies every week! At Calvary Rosarito possibly half the church are new believers. These saints need to be discipled. We are part of a great church where new people get saved every week, baptized and taught the word verse by verse. Our biggest need is to provide discipleship for these dear saints!

Poiema is our newest licensed driver!
In August, we celebrated our 25th anniversary and got to visit Teotihuacan!

Prayer Requests

  • For good health and lots of energy!
  • Our kids to develope more Spanish fluency
  • Direction for the counseling minstry
  • A strong marriage & be an example to other families.
  • For the Church Planting school & students
  • God’s direction and wisdom for helping the poor
  • Miracles of healing and provision for the sick
  • Weekly Bible study at a rehab clinic
  • God’s guidance with the English speaking staff prayer meeting

Uprooted and Replanted Indeed!

You know, in Mexico, most folks believe that everything in the US works great. But the other day, I saw the strangest sight at the church in Yorba Linda! Two guys named Tim and James were working on the landscaping. Tim was digging hole after hole, while James immediately filled them up! I asked, “what in the world are you doing?” Tim responded, “well, I dig the holes, Paul drops in the chile plants, and James puts the dirt back in… but Paul wasn’t here this week….”

Hello, co-laborers in the faith, friends, and family!

On July 6th, 2021, we arrived in Mexico. So many things have transpired since that eventful day. We needed to come as learners, not “know-it-alls,” because there were going to be so many changes, and there were! It’s been a year and 2 months…

We have had:

Graduationsdeathshealth issuesrestored relationships with familyour 25th anniversaryfamily emergencies, ministry opportunities, new relationships, and traveling to many church plants within the country. God has been faithful to see us through the process of helping us settle down here in Mexico and not look back.

This summer is our one-year anniversary since we were sent from Calvary Chapel Saving Grace in 2021. Where to start? Many know that God called Paul and me to Mexico 20 years ago. Sufficed to say that if your calling is true, it won’t leave you even after 20 years! It took a long time to prepare and leave the US, but that was how God prepared us.

Here are some highlights of recent activities

Paul, Cristian, and Ben are soccer aficionados; they play on Sundays after church with a group of men from church. (Paul has retired from playing and is the team photographer now!)

A word from Poiema:

Poiema: In the past year of living in Mexico, so many things have happened! Just two months ago, I graduated from Santillana Del Mar Instituto Bilingüe and turned 18. I have met so many great people and have made so many new friends! During this summer, I got to serve at a compound that hosted missionary teams for 5 weeks. Living in Mexico has been such an incredible experience, and I’m so grateful to live here.

Poiema’s High School graduation in Rosarito, Mexico. She specialized in Chemistry-Biology.

Barbecue Gathering at the Grove’s

SGWM missionary family update barbecue at the Groves in Fullerton! Prayer for the Boubions! Thank you to everyone who attended and our great hosts, James and Marlene!

Beach Baptisms!

Our largest beach baptism yet, baptizing new friends and new believers!

Home Bible study

We have been meeting in our home on Tursdays.

Many teaching opportunities!

Teaching Sunday service at Gracia Church in Chino.
A neighbor rear-ended our van! We kind of wished we would have met under different circumstances of course!

There is so much more to say! God is working as you partner & pray for us, communicating and giving of your resources in various ways. Thank you for your labor of love unto HIM.

Prayer requests:

For all of our children, God guides them as they make decisions concerning their future.

For ministry opportunities and know where to continue to best serve the LORD together and individually

God Confirms our Call – February 2022

Hello friends and family!

In the last month we have jumped back into the Calvary Church Planting School in Rosarito.

December saw us finalize the purchase of our home in Tijuana and January has been an amazing time of strengthening our family vision and service at Calvary Rosarito. Lydia has joined the CCR staff and will be writing a manual / book for the Church Planting School. While our younger children started high school again at Santillana del Mar Preparatoria, they are not being allowed on campus and most of the teachers are not doing online classes. Please pray!

Lydia at Monday’s staff meeting. Every Monday we share what great things God did in His church!

Visiting and Strengthening Church Plants

Encouraging pastors and leaders from Campeche at the Church Planting Conference in January 2022

I recently had the privilege of visiting two church plants sent from Calvary Rosarito. Pastors were greatly encouraged and are planning to start their own schools in Campeche and Merida. Pray for these brave and hard working Pastors!

Leading worship at Capilla Calvario Campeche !

Check out what Paul does in Acts 20: 2 “He traveled through that region with a message of encouragement…” VISITING church plants is exciting because you get to follow in the footsteps of the great apostle Paul! Pray for the church planters and their families to flourish and reach more families!

Teaching 2 Keys to Strong Communication at a Marriage Conference in Tulancingo, Hidalgo, January 2022

Divine Appointment

This is Pastor Rafael Arguello from MCI Campeche

I met Pastor Rafael in Mexico City in the airport. We were both travelling to Campeche together and he and I ended up sitting in the airplane together. He pastors a large church in Campeche as part of International Christian Ministry (MCI in Spanish). Fog delayed our arrival 3 extra hours while we taked about family and ministry. He was so intrigued that he showed up at the Church Planting Conference the next morning! Pray the Lord blesses this Pastor as he teaches the Bible verse by verse after many years of topical sermons. Pray more partnerships ar forged and more souls reached!

Life Group in Tijuana

My friend Fernandino is leading worship at our third Life Group at our home in Tijuana, February 2022!

Life Group is another name for small groups at a house. Folks from church and from our neighborhood come every Thursday night for food, Bible study and prayer! God has blessed us with a gifted musician! Pray for us to reach more neighbors with Christ’s love!

In Christ,

The Boubion Family

Putting Down Roots in Tijuana

Walking in the hills of Tijuana near our home

Since arriving in Mexico on July 6th, 2021, we have been getting settled in our new house and plugging into Calvary Chapel Rosarito. Thank you to our core team and all the CCSG saints who have been praying for us this year! Your prayers have sustained us and allowed God to guide us into our new country & ministry! When you PRAY, God hears! Thank you so much for your LOVE! Enjoy the photos! God Bless. -PB

Teaching and Preaching in the youth prison in Tijuana in November – 2021
LG and I with our team at the Calvary Chapel Rosarito children’s ministry retreat for ages 11-12!
Cristian and I with our pals at the Sunday afternoon Soccer.
Claudia practicing her preaching for the Church Planting School!