The God Who Sees

Life so often presents its challenges, and the Lord allows trials to come our way. He teaches, He binds up, He restores the years the locusts have eaten, and He always makes a way. The enemy would seek to use such things to shipwreck us, but we serve a God who will use all things for His glory and make beauty from the ashes. My hope and prayer for you is that you would press deeply into Jesus in whatever season of life you find yourself—whether that be a season of breaking down or of binding up. It’s so worth it and the reward He gives is greater than anything this world has to offer. Eternal life forever more—thank you Jesus! I pray this past Easter left you praising our Risen King, finding hope in the midst of hardship, and eagerly awaiting His return!

Thank you so much for your prayers, you have no idea how much it means to me. I’m so thankful that we serve a loving God who hears us, and what amazing power He has. Ministry is never just the doing, but it’s the flow of action from relationship with Jesus. That we would literally be Jesus’ hands and feet, and that others would taste His salty savor as we live out the life He’s placed before us. I could not do any of what I do without your prayers—so thank you.

Update On My Dad

As I write this I’m in a coffee shop in San Francisco, and to give you all an update, my dad just had a spinal fusion on his upper spine. I’m so grateful to say that the surgery went very well! His spine was compressing and even beginning to cause some bruising on his spinal cord so it was needed. So many of you were praying and sending love and encouragement and I’m so appreciative! The Lord hears, and what a blessing that is. There’s still a long road ahead to recovery, it was definitely a major surgery, and with that there will be some challenges. If you think to pray, as of right now, it’s looking like they will try to recommend him to an acute rehab for him to get some more physical therapy and other practical tools to help him as he transitions from the hospital to home. He was able to get up and walk around today, but he is in a fair amount of pain. Prayers for the Lord’s mercy and His grace to endure for him would be much appreciated. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome so thank you very much for your prayers!

The view from UCSF
Some more scenery while waiting to see my dad

Middle School

As for Middle School, it’s going well. We have a core group that’s been coming weekly and other kids who just come on Sunday’s, but the Lord is feeding His kids. It’s amazing to see how much they know about the Bible already! Our greatest prayer need here is just that the Lord would give wisdom and His grace to disciple these kiddos well in the knowledge of His Word and what it means to love, follow, and live for Jesus.

What’s Next?

My hope is to be going to Peru on May 10th with our team from the Rock. The plan is to be there through the 20th and we will get to do ministry with the Bible College there and help teach how to do outreach as well as do outreach ourselves. It’s going to be an awesome opportunity to get to know family in the Lord, but make Jesus known, and get some future church planters and missionaries fired up for where the Lord is leading them! In that, my ability to go may change depending on my dad’s recovery. 

How to Get Involved

Prayer Requests:

My dad and his recovery:

—that he would be unhindered in that progression

—that he would gain new strength and be able to get back to work—do things he used to

Middle School:

—that the Lord would guide me as I lead my team and the kids

—that they would grow into disciples on fire for Jesus

Provision for Peru:

—Dad’s health well enough for me to go

*Praise report: I’m fully funded to go to Peru!

If you’d like to partner with me, prayer is the greatest need, and if you’d like to give for the trip or for others to go there is a link below to donate to.

Thank you so much! God bless you,


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