The Lord Provides The Increase

Sharing the Gospel with one of our translators Jessica at the roaming flea market.

I wanted to quickly clarify that my longterm hope, prayer and goal is to plant churches, do missions, and aid in raising up the next generation of pastors! With all of that said, this season is one of preparation and I know that according to His faithfulness He will bring me where He wants me—so in this season of preparation I’m going to be faithful where He’s put me.

The Rock’s Time in Mexico!

In June, I took a short term missions trip and we were able to be a part of so much that the Lord has been doing in the Rosarito, Mexico area. It was good to return to Calvary Rosarito, and to come alongside Calvary Chapel Homex again. This trip focused on outreach this year!

One of my favorite moments was getting to do outreach with CC Homex. We had jump houses, face painting, food distribution, and a lot of sharing with people about Jesus. While we were in the park, a man with an ice cream cart stood near the park ringing his bell. One of our team members went up and gave him a tract with a Gospel of John booklet. Those who kept an eye on what was happening saw that He was reading the Gospel of John… for a while… then, not too long after, another team member gave him some lunch. Shortly after, one of our pastor’s encouraged me to grab a translator and go and speak with him. I went with one of our translator’s Victor who translated for me as we got to ask questions and share the Gospel with Hugo. We learned that he had just moved up to Baja California from Mexico City. As we talked with Hugo it became quickly apparent that he was ready. Tears began to stream down his face, and even more so as I began to explain his (our) need for Jesus. I asked him if he wanted to, “receive the forgiveness that only Jesus could offer him,” and he said yes! Please be praying for Hugo as we were able to connect him with the pastor of Calvary Homex and were able to get him a Bible. Lord willing we will see him next time too!

Hugo reading the tract and Gospel of John before we talked with him.
Viktor and I praying with Hugo after he gave his life to Jesus!
Praying after we finished our outreach with CC Homex.

Another praise report would be that we got to see a man named Pasqual who we met in the dump in Rosarito last year. This was the same man who had been witnessed to for two years and had not wanted to give his life to Jesus, but we saw that fruit last summer. It was a huge blessing to see him at church in Homex this year during our trip. The Lord has done so much and is doing so much in these areas. Your prayers are effective as they are working—would you please continue to labor with us and pray for what He’s doing in Mexico.

In the middle is Pasqual sitting in at a church service at CC Homex.

What’s next?

I am going to be heading up the middle school ministry at the Rock! We have had our Jr.High and High School together for several years and in some ways it has sort of swallowed up our Jr. High so we are making the change to have our own Middle School ministry and I’m excited to see what the Lord is going to do! Please pray that the Lord would do what He wants to with His ministry! I’m excited to have an opportunity to help get a ministry started and I am really looking forward to getting to disciple the younger generation! In a seminary class I took I found out that 75% of those who give their lives to the Lord do so by the age of 13, then 85% do so by the age of 18. I just want to be faithful in what He’s set before me. My heart is certainly for missions and church planting and so I will still be seeking to go on short term trips wherever possible for when the Lord might open that door in the future. 

As for trips that are coming up our church is going to Nepal this October! I’m excited to get to go and serve in a country where only 2% of people are believers. I am in need of your prayers and support for provision. The need for the trip is $1,200. I cannot get there on my own, but am looking forward to all that the Lord will do in that time. We will be partnering with missionaries who have been discipling and sending out pastors all over that part of the world and will get to bring Jesus there as well. Here’s how you can get involved!

If you would like to support financially and make it possible to send me to Nepal, please click here:

Please pray for:

Middle School

-The Rock’s Middle School Ministry

-That I would teach the Word of God clearly and effectively

-Discipleship to take place with the leaders, but that we would all collectively disciple those kiddos and show them what it means to love and follow Jesus!

-Equipping for all that this ministry will bring, and that I would be the man the Lord has called me to be through it all.

-The right leaders to come alongside and help in the middle schoolers discipleship


-The Lord to prepare myself and the team for our time there in Nepal.

-Prayer will be needed throughout the trip! (October 17-29, 2022)

-Provision for the trip (Cost is $1,200.00)

-The Lord to go before us and that we would be able to affectively be Jesus hands’ and feet and share the Gospel where He opens doors.

-Travel mercies to and from, and while in country.

-Team unity, that we would be all of one mind and accord as we serve on this trip (Phil. 1:27-28).

*If you feel so led as to partner with me financially then please click the link below.

Thank you all so much for your love, prayer, and support!