Vincent Family February 2018 Missions Update


Greetings from Mexico,

We hope that you and yours are being blessed as the New Year is upon us with all of it’s opportunity and challenges. In this update, I wanted to share with you about a very special ministry that we have here in Mexico.  The CCRosarito dump ministry was founded 6 years ago as a group of us began traveling periodically to the Tijuana dump!

Unlike American dumps, there are many people that live full time in the dump. These precious people live in homemade shacks and scavenge through the trash trying to collect enough to survive. Needless to say, drug and alcohol and sexual abuse is rampant. But it is in this dark place, where God has sent us with food and clothing and (most importantly) the hope and salvation that can be found in Jesus Christ!

Just this past Saturday,  a group of 30 of our church members traveled to the Tijuana dump for an outreach. We brought meals for 250, along with plenty of clothing, hygiene items, and some friends to offer free haircuts.

As always, the focus of our time there is loving those that live there unconditionally. We also provide a church service with the message of salvation. We partner with several local rehabilitation homes that allow us to rescue those that are tired of living in the dump, and bring them out to grow and heal in a safe environment.

Starting early last year, we began a weekly ministry to the (closer but smaller) Rosarito dump. Once again, many people live in this dump in impoverished and unsanitary conditions! Each week we bring an energetic team of faithful believers that are ready to pray and minister and feed those living there.

Because we travel to this dump regularly, we are able to provide them with a weekly Bible study and we have monthly baptisms for those that profess faith! I would like to tell you about the testimony of one of our friends that lives in the dump!

Sofia (pictured here with our director of outreach Carlos) is an 82-year-old Christian who has lived with her family for many generations in the dump. Every time we arrive, Sofia greets us with a smile. Because of her age, she is unable to stoop over to pick through the trash so she spends her days sitting in the trash while picking through searching for little  pieces of copper and other metal that she can sell to the recycler. Over the years, our church has helped Sofia with tarps to mend her leaky roof and gloves to sift through the trash! We have also been blessed to help meet some of her medical needs.  Through our many visits with her, Sofia  always encourages us with her sincere love for Jesus and faith that one day she will live not in a dump, but in glory with her Savior in heaven!


Please pray with us as it is my heart to plant a church right there in the dump in the near future. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Could you imagine God allowing our church to plant a permanent church right there at the dump!  Well the owner of the dump has already given us permission to do this great work. Presently, we are waiting on the finances to build a basic structure there in the dump while also training the servant leaders that are preparing to lead this new church plant.

Finally, thank you so much for partnering and supporting us as your missionaries. Together God has brought us together as a team to labor together in the ripe fields of the Lord. This fruitful work to the least of these in the Mexico dump is your fruit, as we are simply an extension of you and your support and partnership.  We love you!  

Con mucho amor de Mexico,  (with much love from Mexico)

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel


Prayer Requests!


#1-  That God would help us plant a church in the dump this coming year!


#2-  That God would provide for the financial needs of our family!


#3- That God would bless our new batch of church planters that started church planting class in January!
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