Utterly Astounded

…Be utterly astounded!

For I will work a work in your days

Which you would not believe, though it were told you.


Praise the Lord as we continue our training here in Mexico! This week we have so much to be thankful for. Alishia had the opportunity to pray with two women this week as they accepted Jesus as their savior! The first was during a street evangelism outreach and the second was during an outreach event that we were part of in one of the neighborhoods in Rosarito. This second outreach also gave us perspective. The neighborhood we were in was easily the most impoverished place I’ve ever seen. The people are often harassed and extorted by corrupt police, and hope is a dangerous thing there. Yet, the children run and play and smile, and the gospel does reach out there as evidenced by the woman who chose Jesus. We rejoice in the knowledge that our needs are met in abundance, but even if not, our joy is not dependent on that.

Alishia sharing with a woman before praying with her for salvation.

We had the opportunity to return to California for a couple of days to attend our friends’ wedding. Alishia got to do the flowers, which is always a blessing for her. The flowers turned out great and the wedding was beautiful, but the chance to connect with the church in Yorba Linda was something that really stuck out to me. Everyone knew that we were just making a quick trip back from the school and they asked about our experiences and what the Lord was doing. It was a micro-version of the relationship that God designed missionaries and sending churches to have, and it blessed us greatly to see that relationship play out. The Lord sent us to Mexico and in turn, we were able to report back on the work being done and encourage the church. I hope that these letters are encouraging to all of you that we aren’t able to see in person right now and I’m excited about the chance to share with you face to face sometime soon.

An example of the flowers that Alishia did for the wedding.

On Friday, class was taught by veteran church planter, Pastor Mike Vincent. He taught on what being a sending hub looks like and why it’s important to be a church that sends. This lines up with what the Lord has put on our hearts, to plant a church and eventually to raise up Japanese nationals to go out and plant their own churches. We have several people in our lives who have done this exact model, and their mentorship has been invaluable. We know that making disciples is the most effective way to reach Japan, and we know that we can’t be as effective in reaching the Japanese as other Japanese can be. Please pray for God to continue to confirm this vision for our work in Japan, along with preparing the hearts of the Japanese. 

Serving at church on Sunday.

Praise Report:

  • We were able to witness God grow fruit during our outreaches this week.
  • The classes have been incredible and our personal growth has been exciting.
  • We were able to connect with the church in California for a couple of days.

Prayer Requests:

  • That God would continue to fill us with the Holy Spirit and direct us during outreaches.
  • For direction on what to do after School of Missions is over.
  • For continued health and safety during the school.