To Your Name Be The Glory

“Not to us, Lord, not to us but to Your Name be the glory because of Your love and faithfulness!” (Psalm 115:1)

YES! GLORY to YOU LORD for ALL the marvelous things You have done throughout the year 2020! 

For the amazing faithfulness You have shown to us moment by moment while the world around us became more and more insane. 

For incredible open doors you gave us when this world started to take way our liberties.

For Your provision when the world economy started to suffer.

For Your Word, Your promises that bring stability and peace to us amidst a world that is starting to stagger.

For You being the Anchor of our faith among a world which is losing its foundation.

For the steadfastness of valiant brothers and sisters despite strict regulations eating away our fellowship.

For our pastors who remain here for all of us.

For the strong faith of my husband who encouraged me often.

For all the brothers and sisters in France who have participated in sharing the Gospel with many via the movie cards.

For ever deepening relationships with family members, neighbors and many others, desiring to shine our light to them so they, too, will come humbly to the Savior.

For the Holy Spirit who does not leave us orphans but comes to our rescue in every need.

For all of those who have prayed for us, called us, visited us, and supported us financially or with great counsel. 

For the future and the hope we have in You LORD, knowing that Your compassion on Your children and Your goodness will be renewed morning by morning. We will continue to live with You the best adventure, whatever the circumstances around us!

We pray LORD God Almighty, that You fill us up with all wisdom, power, increased faith, and love to continue the work that You have given us to perform here in France. We pray that we will be better ambassadors for You in the midst of a perishing world. Please, LORD, pour Your compassion over this country and call to Yourself a huge number of lost souls! Strengthen Your church here, and may the world see through us the light. Help us to be the salt of this earth and may all that will be done glorify Your Name more than ever before!

We pray for an amazing new year for each of you, surrended to the perfect will of our Good Good Father!

Preparing, organizing, working on the dubbing of the movie “Athée: vraiment?” 62 000 cards have been given since the 1st of September!!
Chateau de Chambord = French icon of a rich history. Was given the amazing opportunity to travel all over France to share the Gospel in 32 cities, distributing 50,000 cards of the movie “Athée vraiment”
Nice and surrounding cities = Other believers are helping us share more than ever in the streets and also placing cards in mail boxes (12,000 cards in the last month)
Visiting as many residential 
buildings as possible to place the movie cards in mailboxes
Making Christmas cookies for family and neighbors 
Sharing my testimony and the Gospel with teens in Calvary. Very anointed time!