Third Floor Expansion!

Third Floor Expansion!

We are so excited to show you some photos of the expansion to our third floor! The foundation has been laid for the new commercial kitchen/dining hall and the firepit has been moved to its new location on the open, upper patio. Next week all the supports will be taken down on the second floor.























What’s Next?

There are two things on the list of what comes next – railings and block walls. Two of the walls for the new building will be made of block. Once those are in place, the metal studs that have already been donated can be put up to finish the walls for the building. As soon as possible, we would like to get railings put up on the third floor for safety. The fire pit is ready for use, however, some teams, especially those with children, will not be able to use it until railings are installed.

How Can You Help? 

We would like to respond to those of you who have asked how you can get involved. The Lord has His timetable as to when the third floor will be complete and ready for use. We did not start this project with the funds already in hand, it was started in faith. Of course, we are anxious, because once this project is complete, we will move on to adding more beds. More beds mean more teams and the ability to host bigger teams. Ultimately, more teams mean more people coming to share the gospel with the people of Rosarito/Tijuana! We wanted to begin working with and using what the Lord has already provided. So it is going to take some teams and some financial partners to get the job done. After seeing how the Lord provided for the purchase of Connections House, we are even more confident that we serve a big God that can do anything! Here is a little breakdown of the needs for the third floor:

Railings – $2,400
Block Walls – $4,000
Occupancy: Materials for drywall, electric, roof, etc. – $40,000
Cabinets & Kitchen Prep Tables – $1,800
Kitchen Equipment – $4,600
Dining Furniture – $3,000
Tile – $6,000
Total – $61,800

“Occupancy” will allow us to move our current residential kitchen appliances, dining room tables, chairs, etc. to the third floor for use.

Thank You!

Thank you so much to all of you who have and continue to pray for us and who have partnered with us financially. We know that we would not be here without you. This ministry would not be possible without you. This is your spiritual fruit and we are so happy you have joined us! Thank you also to those who have prayed for and partnered with Connections House and the work God is doing here! We look forward to seeing what He has in store for the future! We wanted to leave you with some awesome photos that show just some of the progress that has been made to Connections House dorms over the 2 1/2 years we have been here: