Therefore Will I Give Thanks

Praise the Lord!

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you, dear supporters and prayer partners, for your prayers and financial support. We are praying for your family and your country.

Having Fellowship with a Friend

By the grace of God my family and I are doing good. God has kept us safe. Recently, my wife tested positive for Covid. She had been taking care of medical patients during the night shift. She got a fever, headache, and other Covid symptoms. I thank God for saving her from Covid. Now, she is recovering. Please keep her in your prayers.

Recently, I got the opportunity to visit my friend for his birthday. We spent time together in God’s Word and prayer. 

After a long time (of lock-down), we got a chance to take my kids out. It was a good time for them to have fun and to learn different things.

Taking Our Kids Out (After a Long Lock-Down)

I am spending time with my children and teaching them action songs, Bible stories, and many other things. Right now they are learning all of the numbers, alphabet letters, and different things names through activities. I am also spending time gardening vegetables, and different things that are so costly at the market.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my wife. She is a nurse, working with Covid patients and is not at home. May God keep her safe.
  • Please pray for my children- that they my grow in the fear and knowledge of the Lord.
  • Please pray that the Lord would intervene in the problem that the world is facing.
  • Please pray for our audio classes and ministry on social media.
  • Please pray for Mrs. Tami*. She lost her pre-mature baby because of medical problems. Please keep her in your prayers.
My Roof-Top Vegetable Garden

God bless you,

Pastor 16 and Family* 

*Names have been omitted or changed for security reasons

Spending Time With Pastor 15’s Family
Taking Our Kids Out (After a Long Lock-Down)