As a family, we have decided to visit the churches of our students and friends once a month to see how they are doing and to bring them some encouragement from Gods Word. With the permission of each pastor, we have also decided to allow you to join us on that journey so that you will be more informed as you think about and pray for the churches of Uganda. We pray that these short Pastoral Bios would encourage you in your walk with God and that you would grow in your love for Jesus as you see how he is moving in the hearts of so many people!

Pastor Moses is one of the students in our newest class of pastors, he is also my neighbor here in the small town of Adak, and he is our head grounds manager at BAM. Not only that, but pastor Moses is my personal friend! I love him, and his family and I am so grateful to know him.

Moses is the leader of Adak Deliverance Church which has 150+ adults and around 100 kids; they also have 6 branches that meet in peoples houses, under trees and places like that. They desire to help the communities physical and spiritual needs as they share the love of Jesus. They have outgrown their current hut and are slowly working on building a larger church as money allows.

Pray for Adak Deliverance Church:

  • Pray – that God would bring bibles for the churchgoers so that they can grow in their personal walks with God.
  • Pray – That it rains here in Adak so that peoples crops would succeed this coming harvest (this has been an especially dry wet season)
  • Pray – That God would touch the marriages and the families of Adak, that God would give understanding in the roles of wives and husbands and that he would give parents wisdom in raising their children.
  • Pray – Pray that God sustains them as money is tight here in Northern Uganda.

Published by Matthew and Noelle Harris

Matthew, Noelle, and their children Emma, Madeline and Noah, are Colorado natives. They have a passion for the Word of God and a desire to see people fully equipped with scripture. They are consumed with Christ’s command to go into all the world and make disciples; to baptize them and teach them to observe the full counsel of God, eagerly awaiting Christ’s return, and going wherever He would lead them. The Harris’ work with Terebinth Ministries, whose focus is the spiritual and physical health of the Acholi people in Gulu, Uganda. Training local pastors to interpret scripture with scripture, taking them verse by verse and chapter by chapter through the whole of God’s Word. They also work closely with Terebinth’s medical clinic and agricultural projects, which help provide for the physical needs of the community.