Talking to a Stranger

A Quick Recap

What a great summer it has been here in Mexico! After a fun vacation visiting my sister in Norcal for a week, I jumped into July back here in Rosarito. It was our church’s 20th anniversary, so Calvary Rosarito celebrated all month long! We put on a special event every Friday in July, such as a movie night, beach day, concert, etc. It was so amazing to reflect on how far this church has come!

The highlight of July for me, however, was definitely serving at the Connections House again. Connections House is a place/ministry that hosts missions teams in Rosarito. They host the Calvary School of Missions every July, which is the program that I went through back in 2020. It was such a blessing to be able to serve with them all again! I got to sit in on some of their classes and go with them on their outreaches for 2 weeks.

A Blessed Conversation

On one of the outreaches with the School of Missions, we put on a Family Event at a park with the church “Gracia del Calvario.” When I arrived, I didn’t really have a specific job to do to help run the event, so I just figured I’d focus on meeting some of the people in the community that came. Pretty soon, the Lord gave me the opportunity to meet an elderly man who had come with his family to the park before our team had arrived. It was only by the Lord that I was able to do this, but I ended up talking with him for a whole hour in Spanish! Though I couldn’t understand everything he was saying, I was able to grasp general ideas and keep asking questions.

To be honest, though I have grown up in the church all my life, one thing I have always struggled to figure out is evangelizing to complete strangers. I just couldn’t understand how I could talk with someone I had never met before and naturally transitioned into the gospel. I didn’t want to force it awkwardly or give them the gospel quickly in a cold way. 

As I was talking to this man at the park, however, the Lord showed me two answers to my questions and struggles. Sharing the gospel with a stranger will take time and faith. 

During my conversation, the Lord led me to first simply ask questions about his life and family. To genuinely want to listen to his story. This took time. But through it, there was a trust that was formed, and eventually, God led me to share the gospel with him, and he heard it with open ears. That was where it took faith. It takes steps of faith to ask strangers questions like, “do you know where you’ll go after you die?” But because I had stayed to listen to him for so long, he knew that I cared, and so he took the question seriously. 

It was so amazing to meet and converse with that man that day, and I know the Lord blessed that interaction in more ways than one. Praise the Lord for His guidance and grace!

What is Up Ahead

With the summer coming to an end, I’m excited to continue serving on staff full-time and edit my pastor’s book on church planting. We’re aiming to finish the final draft by December. After that, Lord willing, I will go on a vision tour to Japan for 2 weeks!

My biggest piece of news, however, is that I will be moving back to California at the end of this year! I’ll be moving to join the internship at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace in Yorba Linda. This internship prepares people who want to be sent out to do long-term cross-cultural missions. My heart is to be sent out with a church planting team to Japan one day, and so I’m very excited about this internship!

I’m also looking forward to seeing many of you again, and I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read these updates. Thank you so much for your messages and prayers; they mean so much to me. If you are interested in helping me raise enough funds to go on the Japan vision tour, there is a secure giving link at the bottom of this page that you can use. The trip costs $2,700, and I’ve had $1,000 for it so far!

Again, thank you so much for all your care and support as I’m serving here in Mexico. I’m so excited for everything yet to come. Talk to you again soon!

God bless,

Lydia Boubion

Praise Reports:

  • I got to serve with the Calvary School of Missions again!
  • Calvary Rosarito celebrated its 20th anniversary!
  • The Lord has brought me more clarity and guidance in this next season

Prayer Requests:

  • For the book project, I’m a part of
  • For the Japan vision tour’s preparation and provision
  • For my moving preparations in the next couple of months
  • For my organization of time and priorities