Summer Is Here!

Summer  has definitely arrived! June and July have brought some unusually hot days our way. We are eager to begin a couple of months straight of teams, teams, teams!!

We are thrilled to announce that we have two interns serving with us this summer here at Connections House! This is our first time having interns at this location. Both interns have served here in Rosarito with us on at least one short-term trip. Kailyn comes to us from Colorado Springs, CO, where she attends The Road at Chapel Hills. Rachel lives in Fresno, CA, and attends New Hope Community Church (Clovis, CA). Both of our interns have missions experience, as well as a good deal of children’s ministry experience. On their second day in Rosarito, when walking into the church service at Calvary Chapel Rosarito, our Senior Pastor immediately volunteered them to help out in our Sunday School ministry. So both Kailyn & Rachel will be assisting teachers in a Sunday School classroom each week. They have been busy getting the dorms ready for teams, preparing their personal testimonies, practicing their gospel presentations, and even helped on a home build with a local ministry. Next week they will be helping with VBS at CCR. They will be teaching the lesson for VBS on Tuesday. Please keep them in your prayers this summer. Some of their regular responsibilities include assisting in the kitchen,  helping run the dorms, and general support for teams in the field. There will be times that they are serving right alongside teams, whether it’s working with children, building a church/orphanage, or serving food to/praying with those who are less fortunate. They will be called upon to share their personal testimonies with others. There will be opportunities to share Christ with others, whether one on one or with a group of children, teens, or women. Our interns will be stretched, they will used in amazing ways, and we pray that many will be blessed because of their sacrifice and the work they are doing here with us this summer.

We have seven teams over the next seven weeks. We look forward to sharing photos and stories with you. God is good and we know He will do amazing things through these teams!

Prayer Requests:

1 – For strength and wisdom for us and all the staff as we go into this busy season.

2 – That we will all be able to find times of rest throughout the summer and stay healthy.

3 – For the interns, as stated above.

4 – For the paperwork on Connections House to move along quickly (which looks like it’s getting really close)!

5 – For our teams to have many opportunities to present the gospel to the lost people of Mexico.