Stretched with Joy

Hey everyone! Welcome to the March newsletter sent from Trujillo, Peru! 

The semester has started and the institute is full of students taking notes and learning from the Word of God here at Calvary Bible Institute Peru.

Close to 50 students for the Genesis class.

Some of the students have sacrificed a lot, such as sleep and 45-minute bus rides in order to study all 50 chapters of Genesis. I am tremendously blessed to be able to serve them, and one of the ways is by preparing food with other interns in the kitchen. It has been a season of joy. This has been one of my main takeaways through my devotion time in the book of John. As we receive God’s Word, the work of joy naturally comes out. John 15:11 Jesus tells his disciples “These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.” I have noticed in myself calmness and even smiling despite the business and the amount of workload. Despite being challenged and stretched more than ever, God has faithfully guided me in His grace. It’s part of being prepared to be a pastor.

Something that has become more and more certain is that I cannot see myself doing anything else in life that is apart from preaching and teaching the Word of God. It brings out a passion in me, and I know it is one of the best things I can give to others. The Word of God has completely transformed my life, and I have seen it have that same effect here in Trujillo. I am very thankful to be able to teach throughout 2nd Samuel in the mid-week services at Calvary Trujillo.

From April 3-9 we are Moyobamba bound! This semester I’m leading a group of 15 back to the jungle city. One of our objectives in this trip is to serve and connect with the people that we already know in the city. Some of these people we are going to meet up with in Moyobamba may eventually be some of the first attendees of Calvary Moyobamba.

This trip, we are also planning on going into the jungle and serving Pastor Alfredo’s church in San Rafael. This is the community we’ve worked with before. We are also excited to meet with people in Moyobamba and try to start a weekly prayer group through zoom.

Currently, we are fundraising by selling lunch to the church on Sunday, as well as making marcianos (like popsicles) to sell to people in public places.

Here we are cutting the strawberries and washing the dishes in preparation to make marcianos.

Praise reports

  1. With the help of Pastor Cory, I have been able to grow in teaching the Word of God.
  2. The team that is going to Moyobamba in April for a week has been diligent with fundraising and prayer. They have wonderful attitudes and are working hard.
  3. God has given me lots of joy and grace in the midst of business.

Prayer requests 

  1. That I would be continually trusting and resting in God.
  2. For growth in leadership
  3. Partnership from others to want to join in this work of God: both prayerfully and financially.