Steps of Faith

Hello family and friends!

Out of all my newsletters this has got to be the one I am extremely excited to share.

First and foremost, I want to announce that I have been accepted to Calvary Bible Institute in Israel! I am beyond thrilled to study more of God’s Word, grow in knowledge, and deepen my relationship with God. Secondly, I have an opportunity to go to School of Missions this summer as a leader. Last year’s leaders are already taking off to the Middle East to live there long term with the goal of planting a church. It is amazing what God is doing through my church. With them leaving, it leaves me as the only Spanish speaker. Church leadership could really use my help in Mexico and this would be a great opportunity for me to grow in leadership. There is also an unreached tribe in Mexico that we will be visiting and bringing them the gospel. They have their own dialectic and very few speak Spanish. These two opportunities cost but I know I serve a great God who makes the impossible possible. I have witnessed His provisions time and time again. Thirdly, after I finish CBI Israel, Lord willing I will have the opportunity to spend a week with the team who is taking off to the Middle East.

If all goes accordingly, these are the dates I would be leaving and the cost,

School of Missions: July 9- August 20 $2000

CBI Israel: August 29-November 21 $3275, with your support I was able to give a deposit of $300.

Be with the Missionary Team in the Middle East: November 21-28 $500

On another note, it has been two months since I started my job at the church office. I am beyond grateful. Like I mentioned in my last newsletter, it is not a paid position but I love the fact that I get to work with one of the pastors. I also get to see the hard work of what it takes to run a church. Man, let me tell you, it is hard work. It makes me appreciate my pastors more because they pour so much into my life and the rest of the interns and congregation. It is such a blessing and honor to be part of a church where the pastors care for you, make time for you and feed you God’s Word. I have never experienced this before.

Woman’s event at Voice of Refuges: At this event we pamper Afghan and Arab woman. We give them manicures, pedicures and facials. It’s an awesome opportunity to love on them and share the gospel. I was able to connect with two Afghan woman, Sarma and Laila, who are muslim. I will be meeting with them in hopes to build a relationship.

Meet my new friend Ivan. He is a student at Fullerton College where our church goes to evangelize. I have had a few encounters with Ivan and I truly believe God is working in his heart. He is not ready to surrender his life to the Lord but I am so thankful that God has created this opportunity where I am able to share about Jesus with Ivan every time I see him.

Praying over the team who is moving to the Middle East. We all gathered at the Pastor’s house and the team was able to share with us their story about how they got called to missions. (For security purposes their faces are not shown.)

For our last life group meeting, Macey and I cooked one of my favorite dishes, flautas.

Praise Reports

  • God’s confirmation to go to CBI Israel
  • God’s provision of using others to give the deposit for Israel
  • The Holy Spirit continuing to give me boldness and confidence in evangelizing and sharing Jesus with others, this is absolutely my favorite

Prayer Request

  • For God to provide for School of Missions and CBI Israel
  • For Ivan, that he may come to realize his need for a Savior
  • For all the seeds that are being planted in the college students lives
  • For Sarma and Laila, hoping I can build a friendship and be culturally sensitive so I may have an open door to share Jesus with them