Stateside for the Holidays!

It’s incredible how often I sit down to write an update and find myself saying the same words… Graduation is upon us, and once again I am both so proud of the students who are graduating, yet sad for us, as we have to say goodbye to the many students we have grown to love.  We’re pretty excited that some of the students will be coming back as interns, what a blessing to see them put to work what God has taught them, and step into leadership. Please be praying for them, that God would continue the work that He is doing in each of them.

This semester our kids have been in school, and they have grown to really enjoy it. Their last day, they insisted on buying something for each of their classmates to express how much they loved them and that they would miss them until the next school year. I must admit, we weren’t enthusiastic at first at the thought of buying enough gifts for the different classes. But we saw how important it was to our kids, and were blessed that they have really begun to embrace the Peruvian culture and generosity.

Now that Jessica has been feeling better, we have had many chances to have all the students and interns to our house these past several months.  The students are typically busy studying and so it has been a blessing to have some fun nights of fellowship thrown into the mix as well. Just the other night, our fridge stopped working, and so we had a Mario Kart and “Eat all the Buescher’s food before it goes bad” party. ?

Romeo has tried to make it to the skate park here in Cajamarca once a week with the kids (though it doesn’t always happen) and through that, he has been able to form friendships with some rollerbladers in Cajamarca. A couple of them Miguel, and Edward have been coming to English Conversation Club on Tuesdays at the church, and a couple weeks ago Miguel committed his life to Jesus! Please lift him up in prayer that he would stay committed to going to church while we are in the States. Please also pray for Edward, and Omar that they would come to know the Lord.

We wanted to share with you all that we are officially going to be stateside for the holidays. Our desire is to meet with as many of you as possible during our time there. Please check out our schedule and see when we will be in your area.  If you would have time to get together for a coffee, or to share a meal, we would be so blessed! Please email us as soon as possible so that we can make sure to plan time into our schedule for a visit with you. Our time in each location will, unfortunately, be quite limited, and we already have some commitments in the various areas. So please, the sooner that you are able to set a time, the better, as our priority for this trip is to share with all of you what the Lord is doing in Peru! If you would be willing to invite others over to your house or church and allow us to share with everyone at the same time, that would be wonderful as well. Some of the following dates are subject to change.  We are waiting for confirmation from those we may be staying the night within some areas.

21-30: Pennsylvania

1-5: Pennsylvania
6: Kentucky
7-12: Kansas
13-20: Colorado
21-24: Missouri
25: Kansas
26-31: Colorado

2: Idaho
3-5: Washington
6-7: Oregon
8-11: Northern California
12-15: Southern California
16: Arizona
17: Kansas
18-19: Missouri
20: Kentucky
21-23: Pennsylvania

Looking forward to seeing many of you soon!

-The Bueschers