Send Them Out! – Garcia Family Update October 2021

Hello Friends!

One of the amazing parts of my (Joel’s) ministry with SGWM is seeing missionaries sent out. We refer to them as the tip of the spear, and we and the local church are the shaft by which these amazing missionaries are thrust into the midst of the Unreached to bring the light of the Gospel to them. There is nothing in life more exciting than being a part of that process!

In that light, it is so exciting to see our first Calvary School of Missions graduate to be sent out finally start to get on the field! J.S. is going for 3 months to an undisclosed, sensitive country to be discipled by a missionary family there, before returning for a brief visit to the states and then on to the Middle East. He will be an integral part of a vision the Lord gave our church long ago to start a work in that area.

Praying over J.S. before he is sent out
Joel leading worship at J.S.’s missionary update night

I actually got to go with J.S. on his initial “vision tour” to see that country in person for the first time, a trip on which the Lord confirmed his calling to move there.

J.S. and I on the vision tour to the Middle East in early 2020

I can’t wait to move from being someone who was a part of J.S.’s journey to being sent, to now being the person primarily in charge of making sure he’s well cared for on the field. This is the kind of thing I live for!

Please pray that the Lord would raise up a team to serve alongside J.S. in the Middle East. Right now, Bryan and Andrea, who were on that vision tour as well, are preparing for their upcoming marriage and then seeking the Lord’s timing on when He would have them move to the Middle East as a part of that team. The wheels are turning on this amazing new work from the Lord! Pray for Bryan and Andrea, that the Lord would lead them during this time of preparation.

Bryan, Andrea, J.S., and I back on the 2020 vision tour to the Middle East

Please continue to pray that the Lord would open up a traveling opportunity for Joel to minister to missionaries on the field. It seems that some doors keep closing for that. But, right now the plan is for Joel to be part of a rotation of pastors to spend time with J.S. in intervals over his first year in the Middle East since he has no other team on the ground. Pray that the Lord would provide great wisdom and guidance in that.

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Love in Christ,
Joel, Amy, Maggie, Harrison, Jude, and Clara Garcia