Rivera’s January 2022

Hi family and friends!!

We pray you are all doing well when reading the update of our family!!

The end of 2021

December was so full of blessings for all our mission kids, staff and families. Christmas at the mission is always so special, and there is no better way you understand until you spend Christmas here at home surrounded for all the kids joy, food, presents and Gods love everywhere.


Our family adventures seems to never ends, our journal with our son Azaff stared an the end of 2019, he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his brain, he received 2 surgeries with in a week one from the other to remove the tumor, they where able to remove about 95% the rest was to dangerous to remove, since then he is been improving little by little until this day.

We are now traveling two hours every week to a physical therapy center where he is getting treatment to improve his motor skills, eye side and balance.

Prayer request

  • 1. Please pray for strength, wisdom, joy, and all the fruits of the spirit for me in homeschooling our kids Azaff and Abdiel.
  • 2. All though we have a car that take us there and back it is time for a new car, please help us pray for provision so that we can afford a good reliable car.
  • 3. Please pray for provision for the medical treatment and traveling expenses.
  • 4. Mission kids, staff and families.

With so much love,

The Rivera Family Miguel, Zurisadai, Conchita, Azaff, Abdiel.