Reaching the Unreached

For “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? -Romans 10:13-15

Dear Friends and family, 

Greetings from Calvary Chapel Pakistan. We always praise God for Calvary Chapel Pakistan. We want to thank all of you who are there for us, praying, encouraging and helping in all possible ways. For last 14 years, we have been receiving your great love and care, and it has always helped us to remain focused on serving the Lord here in Pakistan. 

Church and Teaching

Our church is going really well. We have been studying the book of Revelation for last six months, and it is really amazing to study the book with our church which is studied least here and people have so many misconceptions about the book apart from all the eschatological views. 

In our weekly online studies in five cities now, we are studying the book of Genesis (every Tuesday, once a week). I cannot explain the joy when people contact us and say that this is the first time that they have come to know biblical teaching in the book along with many cultural facts and history to understand the book. We praise God for that all. 

The third main thing is our weekly video teaching which is being received truly well. Along with some other recording (full courses and studies, being recorded slowly and gradually) we are recording Bible’s book overview and it is being posted on facebook, youtube and shared through some other media platforms every week. It truly is much work, and we praise God for the energy that He gives us. Thanks for your prayers. But through this update I specially want to share with you about our outreach evangelism and women ministry. 

Outreach Evangelism

Desert Area: We have a wonderful brother near the desert whose main responsibility is to arrange and organize our weekly online class in his city, but God has really filled his heart to reach other people and share the Word with them. For many days every week he is traveling and reaching people with the Word. He has Bibles, song books and scriptural booklets. Thus he is reaching and teaching hundreds of people in his area. 

Brick Makers: In our own area, we have different groups of brick makers that we are reaching. We praise God for the opportunity to be with them, encourage them and teach them. Though they are so much oppressed in their lives, but spiritually they are growing and becoming stronger. We have really heart touching testimonies from these people and we give God all glory for His great work in and through our lives among all these wonderful people He loves. 

We have some other friends working among children and other brick makers, we try to provide them with Bible study material, scriptural booklets etc. and they are reaching and teaching different groups. 

Women Ministry

We have not been updating much about Women ministry during last many months. This ministry also has been growing in an amazing way. My wife has been reaching and teaching  ladies in the remote areas every week (she is doing that regularly). Now God has opened a door for her to teach to different groups of women in a very organized manner. She has volunteered herself to teach daily in a Women Bible Training Center where young Christian girls, Christian working women specially nurses, pastors’ wives, and Sunday School teachers come. We really praise God for all the wonderful ways in which he is using our lives here in Pakistan for His name’s glory.

Urdu Bibles

Every year we give hundreds of Urdu Bibles to the people who don’t even have a Bible at their home. We are thankful to you for the support for the Bibles and for all the other ministry work. Thank you very much once again, please continue to pray for us, and our upcoming mission trips to the desert area where we have whole day teaching and training.  God bless you and your families. 

In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey