Praise Be to God Alone

Dear Friends and Family,

Loving greetings in Jesus name. Many things have changed for us over here. The things that we see in the Bible in regards to what Jesus said to His disciples according to Matthew 10:16 and 17. Many have made schemes and tried to pull us in front of councils, however according to the verses, He has been enabling us at the hour to speak by the power of the Holy Spirit and things are changing. It looks like the book of Acts is being played out again. In the midst of all the opposition, God has made a way for us to go ahead and share the Gospel.

A few opportunities in which I was privileged to share the Word in the month of November:

A friend of mine invited me to go with him to a worship concert. I accompanied him and the leader asked me to share the Word the following day. Many people were convicted and surrendered their lives. The worship teams rededicated their lives to the Lord. Praise be to God alone! 

The 14th of November is celebrated as Children’s Day. The day before that, I was invited to a mainline central church to share the Word. At the time of the alter call, people made a commitment to the Lord. Even the pastors stood up. After the service, the pastors said, “This is what we need for our organization”. Later they started to recommend me to different pastors. Now I am getting more opportunities to share at different churches as well as different events. Praise be to God alone!

On the 17th I went to one of the largest Christian gatherings in Asia. It was a Methodist center, where over a million people had gathered. This year marked the 100th year since it started. I was in the crowd, some people went near to the stage and spoke to the Bishop and the superintendents and all of a sudden I heard my name being announced. They wanted me to lead worship. In the past hundred years there had never been a time of worship. This was an opportunity that God gave me to glorify His name.

This was the place where my parents met for the first time after their parents had arranged their marriage together. My mothers father was one of the pioneer missionaries who stood with the people who started these meetings. My mother took care of the missionary who started them until his last breath. I was named after this missionary. Now I was privileged to lead worship. What an opportunity the Lord gave me to glorify His name!

Five years ago on the 22nd of November, my grandma went to be with the Lord. We arranged a open air meeting and gathered people in her honor. Anyone is welcome to come and hear the Word. The Lord brought many people and we were able to share the Gospel.

I was privileged to do much more. However, I thought to keep things short and hence have mentioned a few. I hope you are blessed. Thank you all for your earnest prayers and passion towards the Lord’s work. God bless!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor 4

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.