Pastor Bongonyinge George

As a family we have decided to visit the churches of our students and friends to see how they are doing and to bring them some encouragement from God’s Word.  With the permission of each pastor we have also decided to allow you to join us on that journey so that you will be more informed as you think about and pray for the churches of Uganda.  We pray that these short Pastoral Bios would encourage you in your walk with God and that you would grow in your love for Jesus as you see how He is moving in the hearts of so many people!

Pastor Bongonyinge George and his wife Adoch Grace

Bongonyinge George was born in a small village to very poor parents.  From the age of 10, he began working in people’s fields to earn his school fees.  Even at a young age, he valued life, counseling one young man out of killing an old woman, and when he worked for the government prison he would bring back escapees alive while others were not so careful to do so.  Once while working as a prison warden, 120 prisoners escaped, for which he was sentenced to 2 years on the other side of those bars.  While there, he was helped by a Four Square church who assisted in transporting prisoners to the hospital and paying their fees.   After his release in 1977, he joined the Four Square church, which later turned into a Calvary Chapel.  He went on to serve as assistant pastor in several church plants from that same Calvary. George and his wife Adoch Grace have 8 children and care for 4 orphan boys. Pastor George was among our 1st class of graduates from the Terebinth School of Discipleship and in January of this year pastor Bongonyinge planted Lwala Calvary Chapel under some mango trees. Calvary Lwala has around 40 members and their theme that Jesus Christ is God’s revelation to us was taken out of Revelation 1:1.

Calvary Chapel Lwala

   Pray for Calvary Chapel Lwala 

  • Pray that God would continue to grow them in faith and love.
  • Pray that people’s hearts would be transformed by the Gospel.
  • Pray that they would have a place to meet in the future.