Our Little Lily

Lily Maya

We are celebrating the birth of our baby girl, Lily!  She was born on November 13 at 2:03 pm, weighing 7 lbs 11 oz and measuring 20 inches long.  Lily came into this world healthy, with one dimple in her cheek, and a full head of fuzzy dark hair. Lily eats, snuggles, enjoys time on her tummy, and sleeps a lot.  She recognizes our voices and faces as her mommy and daddy. These are the moments we have prayed for over the years and we are still in awe that we have been blessed with our little Lily. When we hold our daughter, our hearts are thankful and overwhelmed with the glory and goodness of God.  Jena is recovering well and together we are adjusting right into parenthood.  We want to thank you all for loving us, checking up on us, and sending many gifts to our daughter.

As the Lord leads

Our desire now is to prepare all we can to go back to the mission field in February.  Then, as the Lord opens the doors, the three of us will travel back to the 10/40 window. Right now, there is still great uncertainty among the countries that we work in concerning what they will do as they continue to ban foreign travelers.  We trust that God will lead us and will bring us back to Asia in His perfect timing.

Praise Reports

  • Lily was born healthy with a smooth delivery
  • Our brothers & sisters in Asia have been safe and have seen the Lord’s provision in their lives during this pandemic lockdown

Prayer Requests

  • Protection for our health, especially Lily’s during this flu season
  • Our friends at the Leprosy colony who have been getting sick and haven’t been able to have any visitors during the lockdown

In Christ,

Aaron, Jena & Lily Garcia