Our God is Not Limited

What do you do when lock downs stop the whole country and you are not allowed to go more than 1 kilometer away from your home, one hour a day maximum, for weeks at a time? How to get around giving to the same people tracts of the Gospel in the streets? You pray to the amazing God you serve and He guides you on the road less traveled!

And this is how I started to place cards of the Gospel movie we dubbed recently in French in thousands of mail boxes in our district and now that we have a little more liberty we can get out of our neighborhood and spread out to the whole city of Nice.

Some other believers and churches have also started to give the same cards in their own cities.

Little brochures “Towards the peace with GOD” given to the elderly
The Movie Card
Thousands of cards placed in the mail boxes of the whole sea front of Nice
A good view on the front buildings visited

Since the very beginning of September, 50,000 cards of the movie and hundreds of other tracts have been given to people all around France, above all in the south of France. 

The attitudes are changing slowly but surely as many in France are witnessing the collapse of their foundation in this world. They are still suspicious of anything religious but many are starting to ask hard questions. The next 2 to 3 weeks are vital in our spreading the Gospel and reaching a maximum of persons. 

This is why we humbly ask you to pray for wisdom, our health, clement weather to be able to be in the streets as it is rainy more often now. Please do pray that all who receive the Good News, given one on one or via their mailboxes, will dare to check out the movie and watch it till the end and be touched by what their Creator did for them so they can be saved. 

Also for the hundreds of pastors we are reaching in France via Email for them to watch the movie and see its potential in evangelism.

Gratefully yours.

“Preach the Word, be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience…” 2 Timothy 4:2