October News – The Grays

     We hope all is well with you and your family. If you haven’t heard by now we wanted to let you know that we are transitioning from being missionaries at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Mexico and moving back to the U.S. Our time here in Mexico has been most rewarding, fruitful, encouraging, hard, and fulfilling. We are blessed that God gave us the opportunity to serve Him here. We are even more blessed because He gave us a group of friends and family who have supported and prayed for us while we have been here. Thank you so much it has meant the world to us.

     We really weren’t looking to move – at least not so soon. Pilar and I started talking about possibly retiring in a few years as I am now sixty-seven years old. The day to day pressures and physical work at the Bible College as the Director of Operations has been getting a little more challenging as time goes by. But I have loved almost every minute of it and it has brought me a lot of joy and satisfaction. Not so much for what I’ve been doing, but seeing God at work in so many miraculous ways. His guidance, His provision, His working in our hearts and the hearts of the staff and students, and so much more has been incredible. I have also enjoyed teaching the students while here. As we were just talking about retirement, it’s as if God started preparing us for a new season.

     It’s been thirteen years since we moved to Ensenada. It is a long way from our family and friends, and though we have many friends here now, we have missed those we left behind. Recently while on vacation we visited friends we haven’t seen in over ten years. We had dinner and talked and laughed and got caught up with each other. We have also experienced a growth in our family and have gotten a taste of how much grandkids can grow on you. Four were born while we were here. We haven’t been able to spend much time with them and are really looking forward to that. We got to spend time with three of the four while on vacation. What a treat that was playing with little Leo, his new sister Olive, and their cousin Rex.  

     We recently bought a house in Seminary Mississippi (close to Hattiesburg) and are planning to move in October. Funny thing, we moved here in October thirteen years ago. Our house in Ensenada is still for sale. We know it’s in God’s hands and look forward to when it sells. Our Mission agency has encouraged us to ask you to continue to support us during this transition. They are willing to keep us as staff for the next six months and up to a year if we need it. We hope it won’t take that long for the transition but ask you to pray about continuing to support us as we move and get settled into this new season. We are really excited to see what God has for us.

     Though it is exciting to move and we look forward to the new, it is also hard to leave behind the ministry and people here that we have come to love. Please pray for us – for God’s guidance and provision, for safety as we move, and for wisdom and opportunities to serve Him in our new community.

God Bless You,

The Gray’s