November 2021 Vincent Family Missions Update

Greetings from Mexico,

In this update, I wanted to let you know about what God has been doing in the life of my precious son Daniel!

Daniel recently turned 19, and he is in the middle of taking a gap year between his high school graduation and entering Bible college! And Daniel is involved in a number of exciting ministries and activities that I wanted to let you know about.

As many of you know, Daniel was less than a month old when he joined us on the mission field of Mexico! That means that he has lived his entire life here, and Daniel is (and always has been) the most Mexican of us all in the family! And although Daniel loves and honors his American heritage, I don’t believe that Daniel will ever leave Mexico to move to the United States to live.

Three months ago, Daniel tried out for our local professional basketball team, the BEACH, Rosarito! To my pleasant surprise, Daniel made the team and signed a professional contract! Although the level of play here is far below the NBA, this is a serious league where the players sign contracts, travel to other cities and states all expenses paid, and charge to watch their games! 

The BEACH is in their first year in this Northern Mexico Regional League and they have taken some bumps and bruises during their games! But Daniel is seeing this as an important learning experience. Daniel is now 6 foot 3 and dunking the ball with ease (UNLIKE his dad used to) and has a fantastic three point shot! (LIKE his dad used to)  He has a great attitude whether he gets a lot of playing time or not, and we are very proud of him in this big step of faith he has taken to join this professional league.

Daniel has also continued with his private music lessons throughout this pandemic! Daniel is very gifted musically, and is presently taking weekly vocal and guitar lessons from one of our young worship leaders. I believe that God has a call to full time ministry for my son, and I know that God can and will use his being a multi -talented musician to accomplish His will.

Daniel continues to be one of our main keyboard players in the worship teams during our primary services in the sanctuary. I have had the blessing of having him join me on my worship numerous times, and I have to admit that he puts much more time than his old man does in preparing and practicing! One of the greatest joys of my life is presenting the message of salvation at the end of a sermon, while Daniel is by my side playing the keyboards!

The area of Daniel’s life I am most proud of is his spiritual development! The Bible says in 3rd John 1:4, “I have no greater joy than my children walk in the truth!” I can give a loud a hardy “AMEN” to that statement, and I am thankful for my son and the love he has for our Lord!  

Daniel’s primary plan for the next two years is joining the excellent Calvary Chapel Bible College located in the hills of Ensenada (just an hour south of us) in January! This bilingual program is designed to train up young people not only for Christian living but the full time ministry! I believe that God is going to use these two years of Bible training to reveal to Daniel the calling that He has for his life. Please keep Daniel’s Bible College plans in your prayers!

Finally, we wanted to thank you once again for your love and prayers and support! Sadly, we have seen many missionary friends whose support has withered away over the years. But we are so thankful that God has raised up a group of generous partners that give sacrificially so that we can serve full time in the ripe mission fields of Mexico. We love you and thank God for you! 

Con mucho amor de Mexico,  (with much love from Mexico)

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

Prayer Requests!

#1-  That God would bless our upcoming Christmas events and outreaches!

#2-  That God would bless Daniel and his plans to enter Bible College in Ensenada in January!    

Praise Reports!

#1- Praise God for Daniel and his spiritual growth!  

#2- Praise God for the numerous blessings of being a church planting hub! (Presently 31 first generation church plants, 7 second generation, and 1 third generation)

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