Nepal Visa Update

Thank you for your prayers regarding Tonielle & Levi’s Nepal visas! The lawyer was able to obtain a short-term business visa with no inspection needed. Basically, that means that when we return to Nepal in early 2018, we should (God willing) have no problem reinstating a long-term, one year visa for the rest of 2018! There is still some red tape that we have to work through with our lawyer, but this is a huge step toward getting everything worked out. Thank you again for your prayers.

Please also keep the country and people of Nepal in your prayers as they are going through the election process again. There is a lot of unrest, especially in the city of Kathmandu. Pray that whoever comes into office will give back the right of religious freedom.

As you know from our last update, we are currently in the States for Christmas and to work on some important green card paperwork for Pankaj. We plan to be here until the end of January and we would love to meet up with YOU! 🙂 Please reply to this email if you would like to set up a time to catch up with us, in person.

Pankaj, Tonielle, and Levi Sarkar