Mission, Reaching, and Preaching

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. — Acts 1:8

Dear Friends and family, 

Greetings from Calvary Chapel Pakistan, we hope and pray that you all are fine, we are also fine and safe by the grace of God. We are not hearing of Covid-19 spread anywhere in the country right now, but our country is suffering because of flooding in so many areas and cities because of heavy rains. We want to request you to please keep that in your special prayers. 

Mission in the Desert

CC Pakistan started going to a city near the desert last year, and at the start of this year we started one online class there. Recently we had our second mission trip in that area and it was really a great mission trip. It helped us see the tough life situation of the believers in that area. In the far areas, life is really tough and people are not living in one community but separately. Even to reach these people is a great challenge, as one needs to travel long distances in the desert which cannot be done without the help of the local people. We praise God that we were able to go and reach many people at different locations, we were able to pray with/for them, we also

gave them regular Bibles, Children’s Bibles, and Audio Bibles. We praise God that we could reach there, we want to thank you for all prayers and support and we also want to share that this is a vast mission field, we need to work hard and work more here, so please keep this all in your prayers. 

Special Unreached Group

During this mission trip we reached a very special group, they were originally Hindus, but some years ago 25 families of that tribe came to Christ. They live in a very far, isolated village, they have their own pastor, who needs much teaching training. They are very poor, they have so many different kinds of pressures and their lives are full of challenges, but we were so blessed to see that they still love the Lord and are very happy to believe in Christ as their personal Savior. Their whole village has most of the houses made with mud, they simply have one primary school, but after that they cannot send their kids to high school or college as they don’t have resources to travel the long distances, they cannot afford to send their children to those schools far away and it’s not even safe for their children to go daily for studying alone.  God has put this special group on my heart and the heart of our team. We wish to be in touch with them, we wish to be able to share the word of God with them in some proper way and even start some project where their children can learn something and grow doing something that can help them in their normal and spiritual life.

This group was also very much excited and happy to have us, though it was far. It was not safe to travel there or back to our hotel in the night, but we prayerfully decided to spend that evening with them and share the word of God with them. It was really a very special and blessed meeting. We were able to provide them some children’s Bibles and also audio Bibles to use for their spiritual growth in the meetings. They were very happy and very blessed by this fellowship. Their worship that evening was so full of joy. We are praying to reach this group again. We wish to start a sewing center there for a lady who knows sewing and knitting. We are also in prayer to see how Lord wants us to reach and bless this group. Please keep this special group in your prayers!

Bible Class in Desert Area

Our online class started in the city near the desert at the start of this year but because of lockdown, I was not able to go and see our students personally until now. We have over 40 online students in this class, most of them were followers of Word-Faith movement and were leading their lives according to the teaching of the health, wealth and prosperity Gospel. We praise God that this class has started changing their lives and they are so happy to be able to learn this way. 

It was really great for our team to meet those students in person, teach them and then have dinner and fellowship with them. This class continues online and we praise God that people travel from different places to attend this. Please keep our this online teaching project as well in your prayers. 

Video Recording of Teaching

God provided support for us to start Video recording of Biblical teaching in the Urdu language, we started this project in the month of August. We praise God that this is finally possible. All the classes that we have been teaching are going to be recorded and we are going to record the teaching series which will be helpful for us right now in the ministry and in the future for our Bible college vision. We are thankful to you all for your prayers and support. The Lord is really doing amazing things in and through CC Pakistan. During all this time of lockdown when the world came to stand still, God helped us to do much more than our normal routine and He also provided help and ways to accomplish our tasks. 

We are always thankful to you all, we love you and pray for you! God bless you and your families!

In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey