May 2022

So Paul left them. He took the disciples with him and had discussions daily in the lecture hall of Tyrannus. This went on for two years, so that all the Jews and Greeks who lived in the province of Asia heard the word of the Lord.  

ACTS 19:9b-10

Rainy season has now come in full force and so has our school season.  Our team is stepping into a busy and rewarding term of teaching God’s Word.  From now on we as leaders will meet every month for one week to study and prep our classes before lecturing two weeks back to back.  In the month of May we began our journey through Scripture by covering Genesis 1-11.  God also blessed us with the ability to lead our church through the book of Genesis at the same time.  It was amazing to see God move as even veteran pastors shared that it was as if they were reading the Bible for the first time!  It is such a blessing to be used by God as a teacher and a pastor!

This month our school and our community suffered a great loss.  My friend and neighbor, Pastor Kinyera Charles, had become a Discipleship Group Leader at our school, and to our surprise he passed away during our first day of study.  Our hearts were heavy from the loss, but God comforted us as He revealed His foreknowledge of the situation, and that He was still on the throne.  One of the children from Pastor Kinyera’s church had had a dream that he was soon going to be in heaven.  Charles had very recently warned his wife that he would die before her, and admonished her to care for their 8 children.  The day before his passing, Charles had informed his church that he would no longer be their pastor and even appointed a predecessor.  We were caught by surprise, but God had a plan and a purpose.

Pastor Kinyera Charles and his wife Grace
Praise God that:
  • Many church leaders are being trained through the entirety of Scripture.
  • Rainy season has come, allowing people to plant their crops.
  • Noelle has successfully completed the second quarter of homeschooling the kids.
Please Pray to God that:
  • Pastor Charles’ widow, Grace, and her 8 children would be provided for.
  • He would guide us as we prepare to teach Genesis 12-50 at the school of discipleship.
  • He would give Noelle traveling mercy on her short trip to the US for her sister’s wedding, and that God would give me grace to care for all the children while she’s gone.
  • He would bless our time with our friend who will be joining us on the field for three months as she prayerfully considers God’s plans for her future involvement in missions.
In Christ,
Matt & Noelle & Family